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Does Panda Express Take Apple Pay? [Exact Answer 2023]

 Are you a fast food lover and your quest for fast food  has taken you to the Panda Express but now you are confused that you should opt which payment method to make the payment at restaurant? Does Panda Express take Apple Pay? So here in this blog we will let you know how you can easily make payment in Panda Express by using Apple Pay and how to make the payment. Keep reading the article. 

Does Panda Express Take Apple Pay

What is Apple Pay?

It is very convenient and cashless method to make payment in any of the restaurant by using any of the Apple devices whether it would be your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad. Those days were gone when you are required to carry your cardholder with you or you have to be in queue waiting to get a change as of now by using your NFC mobile payment method you can easily make payment within seconds. Now the question is does Panda Express Take Apple Pay?

Does Panda Express Take Apple Pay? 

Some of the Panda Express restaurants start accepting Apple Pay as the payment method as in several states of America people started paying their bills in Panda Express using this online payment method. The company is deciding to roll on this payment method in rest parts of the country and will move a step ahead towards Apple Pay in nearby future. This is not the news in the air but they have confirmed this thing from their tweets and verifies that the information is correct.

Panda Express Tweet

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How you can use Apple Pay at Panda Express?

Are you all set to make the payment in Panda Express using Apple Pay then firstly you have to setup an this payment method on your iPhone or Apple Watch whatever device you will be used to make the payment. If it is already been there on your device then you can skip the further steps where we will provide you the steps to set up Apple Pay.

Steps to Setup Apple Pay on Your iPhone or Apple Watch

Ways to setup Apple Pay on Your iPhone

• First of all you have to select “Wallet & Apple Pay” from “settings” option.

• Next step is to select “add card” option

• Thereafter you can add the debit or credit information on your Apple Pay app either by holding your card over the card reading device or by entering all the card information manually.

• By agreeing to the terms and conditions of Apple Pay you can complete the card verification details.

• Now all your card details will be there in Apple Wallet app and now you can option this cashless payment method in one go.

Ways to setup Apple Pay on Your Apple Watch

• You are required to link your Apple Watch to the iPhone and this will be the first and foremost step.

• Now on your iPhone open “Apple Watch” app

• Now click on “Wallet & Apple Pay”

• Tap the option “Add Card”

• Follow our above instructions to add your credit and debit card details to the Apple Pay.

How To Use Apple Pay Inside Panda Express with Your iPhone

By following the simple series of steps provided below you can easily make payment inside Panda Express using Apple Pay.

  • On right hand side of your iPhone you might find a button just double click on that
  • Now move forward towards unlocking you phone and this you can do by either showing you face it accepts face id or by using of thumb id it gets unlocked by using your thumb id. If none of the method works then you can use the passcode to unlock your iPhone.
  • Keep holding your phone over the contactless point of sale reader until it reads all of your card information
  • Keep on holding it until you hear a ping or until green check mark appear on your card reading machine.

How To Use Apple Pay Inside Panda Express with Your Apple Watch

• Same as in iPhone double tap on the right hand side button of your Apple Watch

• Enter the required Passcode

• Now you have to hold you Apple Watch in the same way as you did with iPhone until the payment gets done.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Does Panda Express Take Apple Pay?

In few states Panda Express restaurant starts accepting this payment method and in nearby future it will start accepting it in the rest of the states.

What are the Payment Methods that Panda Express Accept?

Visa cards

o Mastercard

o Discover cards

o American Express (Amex) cards

o Debit cards

o Google Pay (Android smartphone)

o Samsung Pay

o Prepaid cards

o Cash

Which of the Restaurants accept Apple Pay?

There are large numbers of restaurants that accept this payment method and names are gradually increasing year by year. Some of the restaurants that accept this payment method are Firehouse Subs, Fuddruckers, Jack In The Box, Jamba Juice, Jersey Mike’s Subs, Domino’s Pizza, Dunkin Donuts, El Pollo Loco etc.


We think that we have been able to provide the best answer of your question does Panda Express take Apple Pay? If you still have any sort of confusion in your mind or we have left out anything in this blog then you can easily share that on the comment section below.

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