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Does McDonald’s Take Apple Pay? [Detailed View]

Apple Pay is a quick, convenient, and cashless method of paying for goods and services. As the name suggests, It is provided by Apple and is only available on their devices, including iPhones and Apple Watches. Using this online payment method is simple: you just move your Apple device over to a contactless reader, removing the need to remember a PIN or scramble for cash at the checkout. 

McDonald’s was one of the first adopters of Apple Pay, and as of 2023 all McDonald’s franchises throughout the US, and many worldwide, accept this payment method. Here in this article we will let you know does McDonald’s take Apple Pay or not?

Does McDonald’s Take Apple Pay

How To Use Apple Pay Inside McDonald’s

Using this online payment method at McDonald’s is super straightforward. Once you’ve set up Apple Pay on your iPhone or Apple Watch, all you need to do is follow the simple steps below.

Using an iPhone

• Double tap on the button on the right side of your phone

• Verify your identity, either by entering your passcode into your phone or using Face ID

• Hover your iPhone near the restaurant’s contactless reader until your phone gives you the thumbs up that the payment has gone through

Using an Apple Watch

• Double tap on the button on the right-hand side of your watch

• Enter your passcode

• Hover your watch over the contactless reader

Super simple, right? The good news is that using Apple Pay at McDonald’s Drive-Thru is just as easy!

How To Use Apple Pay At McDonald’s Drive-Thru

Using this payment method at a McDonald’s Drive-Thru is pretty much the same as using Apple Pay in-store. So you might get the answer to your question i.e Does McDonald’s Take Apple Pay? The main difference is that you’ll have to ask the cashier to hand you the card reader so that you can hover your phone or watch over it. Your Apple device of choice needs to be fairly close to the card reader for this payment method to work, so trying to do this from a distance won’t work. 

It’s likely that the cashier is familiar with this payment method and deals with many customers who wish to pay using this method, so they should be happy to help with your request. 

How To Use Apple Pay With A McDonald’s Self-Service Kiosk

Whether using an iPhone or an Apple Watch, using Apple Pay at a McDonald’s self-service kiosk is very similar to the method outlined above. Just double click the button on the right of your device, verify your identity via Face ID or by entering your passcode, and hold your device above the kiosk’s card-reading device. 

Does McDonald’s Take Apple Pay and How To Use this payment method With The McDonald’s App?

This method is slightly different to the methods discussed previously in this article, but just as simple!

• Open the app and select which restaurant you want to order from

• Once you’ve browsed the menu, add your desired items to your cart

• Continue to payment and select Apple Pay as your payment method of choice

Your food will be with you in no time!

Other Information About Using Apple Pay At McDonald’s

• Safety – It is a safe and secure way to pay at McDonald’s. Your card details are encrypted and not stored on Apple’s servers, which means that this sensitive information isn’t shared when making a payment. 

• Fees – Generally, the fees incurred by using Apple Pay at McDonald’s are the same as using the feature anywhere else. It itself is completely free, but if you don’t have enough in your bank account and end up going into overdraft, your bank may charge you fees. 

• Limits – There are no limits when using this payment method, except the amount of money in your bank account. 

Is it safe to use Apple Pay at McDonald's?

It is one of the safe alternatives of debit and credit card payment as without a Passcode no one can use your account and merchants cannot even see your transaction data whole process. 

When you use Apple Pay as the source of payment, your information will get transmits through a unique device account number that is assigned to each payment method. The process is done in such an encrypted way that no one can see your card number, PIN, etc when you make a purchase.

Any payment data is not get stored in apple servers still the users still through Wallet app users can see their latest transactions.

It is not only safe to use this payment method in McDonald's but you can easily use it in any of the restaurants.

Final Thoughts

As explained in this article, using Apple Pay at McDonald’s is incredibly simple and straightforward, regardless of whether you choose to use an iPhone or an Apple Watch. In addition, we’ve discussed that this payment method can be used in-store, at a drive-thru, using a self-service kiosk, or using the McDonald’s App. 

Hopefully this article has cleared up how to use Apple Pay at McDonald’s and you can now take your pick of the McDonald’s menu with ease!

George J. Newton is a business development manager at Write my thesis and PhD Kingdom. He has been married for ten years, perfecting the art of the apology throughout. He also writes for Next Coursework. 

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