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Stop Wondering and Start Learning: History of the Logos of Top 5 Global Restaurants

Without lying, you all belong to a generation when food is certainly above everything. In fact, if you begin to explore, you will encounter such hideous factual information regarding cuisines. In addition, it tells the general connection of food in a person’s mind.

History of the Logos of Top 5 Global Restaurants

In this blog, the center of attention has to be on the world’s fastest growing and recognized restaurants. You eat their offerings, and rejoice in them but do you know enough about them? Today, the spotlight will be on their logos, the unique brand identity that can be achieved through a logo designing agency. A logo has to be robust so that it makes it easy to distinguish these top 5 standing out amidst thousands of others; without being in any particular order.

1. McDonalds 

2. Dominos

3. Dunkin Donut’s

4. Taco Bell

5. Subway

1. McDonalds



Firstly, there are hundreds of reasons why McDonalds is at the top. It operates in hundreds of cities with thousands of locations which mean it is widely expanded, so there is no reason why you won’t get to see this restaurant anywhere. Secondly, their offerings are wide; from catering to chicken and beef lovers, to seafood and pure vegetarian people, it makes sure to tap all markets. However, when it comes to their logo it is nothing less than being meaningful. Every time you see the golden yellow ‘M’, it might make you wonder if it is an initial of the company name. But there is more, and the message to transmit is a little deeper. The early founders of the company addressed it by saying these are the two French fries in a bent position. Now that you know, ponder upon it and reflect, every time you visit it for your favourite meals! About the slogan, some brands include them into their logos while others refrain from doing so. McDonalds did so and then upon rebranding, it eradicated the slogan.

2. Dominos

If there were an award for a versatile logo, undoubtedly the votes would have been in favor of the Domino's restaurant, world’s famous pizza making and selling place. There have been massive modifications in their logo since 1960. Five years later, a red color was filled in their logo and ever since the three dots were introduced in the icon the curiosity of people intensified regarding them. So, what do these three represent? These depict the first three pizza places established by the brand. Overall, the word mark has always been bold and can be captivating as it intrigues people more easily than other font styles. The present logo is a white background with a blue color word mark and three dots on the top in a reddish-pink color and blue. It is great because it has a meaning and fully represents the restaurant chain and its deep rooted values.

3. Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts

There has been a separate transformational journey of the brand, Dunkin Donuts when it comes to their logo. Started in 1950, the logo was basic with brown and bold word marks that later changed into pink and white after a decade. Gradually, the color orange was also incorporated in the logo, making it spectacular. By far, in 2002 the coffee cup icon made way into the logo so anytime the viewer’s took a glance at it they knew this place sells the best coffee; although their menu includes sandwiches as well. Fast forward to today, the logo speaks of a bold and curvy Dunkin that makes people know what the brand is, and it really seems enough with a magenta apostrophe and orange brand name.

4. Taco Bell

Taco Bell

One of the oldest and well-established brands of Mexican foods, Taco Bell has to be on the top-notch level. It is spicy, with a unique test developing the right taste buds for you. Quite interestingly, the brand has changed fonts and colors overall. It started with tags of alphabets in red, blue and yellow colors with a slight rotation and tilt. Later, a bell icon made its way into the logo with orange in color. Years later, what has stayed constant are two things, number one the bell icon and of course the capital intensifying word mark. The color key has drastically improved that is more enriching to the eyes; and overall sophisticated.

5. Subway


Going on trips? You know that regardless of anything there will be several Subway outlets on your way. The brand is widely known and enjoyed by people across the globe. And most imperatively it is because this gives a chance to everyone to prepare their subs; playing with a hundred percent customization. Over the years, the two arrows pointing outwards in the ‘S’ and ‘Y’ have stayed the same. What have altered are the color schemes experimenting with yellow, green and white for over decades. Now, the word mark is bold with no edges at all, giving a more refined look with a broader look.

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The Takeaway

Creating logos for some of the biggest restaurant brands has to be a tough journey which is why experts are needed to give their take before they are publicly known.  

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