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Get To Know About 11 Best Free Brush Fonts

What are Brush Fonts? Brush fonts are made to seem like the strokes and styles you'd get from a paintbrush or an ink pen. These hand-painted fonts have an organic, natural feel due to their wonderful blemishes and quirks. They're ideal for incorporating a creative element into branding, packaging, clothes, and poster designs. We've gathered some of the best 11 best free brush fonts for you to utilize in your next creative endeavor in this article. 

Free Brush Fonts

Brux - Stylish Free Brush Font

Brux is a stylish all-caps brush typeface with a consistent weight and an erect, uncompromising vibe that distinguishes it from other brush fonts. Marcelo Reis Melo, an art director, designed the font, which supports Swedish, German, and Spanish characters. The typeface is available in TTF, OTF, and Webfont formats.

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It is an opentype svg font. Oghi Novianto's Macbeth is a free-hand drawn OpenType SVG color typeface. The typeface keeps the high-quality brush detail of the original handwritten letters by using the newest OpenType-SVG technology. It includes a complete set of uppercase and lowercase characters, as well as numbers, punctuation, and a few more markings.

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Bathi Font

Bathi is a soft hand lettering font designed by Twinletter with a brush pen. This font is ideal for adding a soothing and discreet typeface to your project. This casual yet calming typeface is free for personal use (and only around 4$ for a commercial license). It includes interesting flourishes that create a sense of movement.

Leafy - A Free Brush Fonts

Ieva Mezule and Krisjanis Mezulis created this font, an all-uppercase brush handwriting typeface. The typeface is 95 characters long and covers all of the fundamental glyphs. It is great for when you require a personal handmade effect for your text because of its subtle texture and erratic strokes. The Leafy typeface is available in. otf format for free download.


It is a lovely hand-crafted brush script typeface with bouncing letterforms and rough contours that will give your writing an authentic handwritten feel. Use it to make greeting cards, invites, quote posters, and logos. Debby, designed by Artimasa Studio, is available for free download in both OTF and TTF formats.

Dreamers - A Free Brush Fonts

Get Studio's Dreamers Brush which is a strong, expressive typeface. It has grungy, rough edges that look like they were painted with a genuine paintbrush. The typeface Dreamers includes all uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, punctuation, and multilingual support. It comes with a commercial usage license that is free. TTF and OTF font formats are available.


This free unique brush font was created by Romanian designer Levi Szekeres. 'A personal one,' Szekeres labeled his typeface, implying that it will provide an authentic and meaningful touch to your work. You can also get Levi ReBrush, which comes with more paint spatter options. You can get this brush font totally free. To get this you will not need to spend money.

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Vlad Cristea and Raul Taciu design this Brusher, a bold and modern brush pen typeface. Brusher includes 100 glyphs, including uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, symbols, and punctuations. All of these are handcraft with smooth brush strokes. The font's high contrast line thickness and varied letter sizes give it a distinct personality that will work well in your lettering and branding projects. The typeface is available in OTF and TTF formats for free download.

Banaue - A Free Brush Fonts

Banaue is a serene handwritten free brush typeface with a rustic style and a Filipino influence. Ieva Mezule create this. The name Banaue comes from a town in the Philippines known as Banaue, which is known for its rice terraces that stretch around mountains. Banaue is a free character set with 104 beautiful calm characters that can be used for personal or commercial purposes.


It is a textured brush typeface with an irregular baseline and a contemporary design approach. It's appropriate for usage in title design. Apparel, invites, book titles, stationery design, quotations, branding, logos, greeting cards, t-shirts, package design, posters, and more are just a few examples.


It is a shabby brush script typeface with a distinct design and a lot of movement. This typeface is ideal for logos, print quotes, invites, cards, product packaging, headers, Logotype, Letterhead, Poster, Apparel Design, Label, and other creative projects.

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