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Let’s Check the Functionalities of iPhone TikTok Photo Editing Hack!!

TikTok users are going wild by seeing the new iPhone TikTok Photo Editing trend where they can transform their photos as per their wish. If you want to feel the magic of summers in winters then don’t to be worry as you can easily have photo effect of bright sunny days  by using TikTok Photo Editing trends.

TikTok Photo Editing Trend

What a wonderful option you guys are getting. You have to do nothing just create the magic within a second by following specific instructions listed below in your iOS device. By using the best smartphone photography tricks you can create the magic with your photos. 

Techy Gossips is here to explain you every now and then of this TikTok Photo Editing hack…stay tuned

One TikTok user @anaugazz has gone viral with her amazing tutorial of explain this TikTok Photo editing trend in detail. In her 60-second video — she has crossed over 15.9 million views and 2.9 million likes — there's a lot of steps to take in.

TikTok Photo Editing Trend


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If you are the one who thinks that this is pretty good TikTok Photo editing feature then without wasting a second hold your iPhone and do the following steps.

• Exposure: +100

• Brilliance: +100

• Highlights: -32

• Shadows: -26

• Contrast: -30

• Brightness: -15

• Black point: +10

• Saturation: +10

• Vibrance: +8

• Warmth: +10

• Tint: +29

• Sharpness: +14

• Definition: +23

• Exposure: pushed all the way to zero

TilTok Photo editing hack

People are literally getting wild after seeing this TikTok Photo editing hack. After color personality test in tiktok it seems to be the latest craze among youngsters.

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