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Latest App Store Optimization Tools in 2021

In this article, we will look at what App Store Optimization (ASO) tool is, the benefits of ASO, types of ASO, and the top App Store Optimization Tools. 

There is no denying that app stores are crowded. Thousands of new apps and games daily make it to the app stores. But are the users able to discover all of them?

When we download any app or game, it is either on the top charts, or recommended by someone, or we see it in ads. So, for an app developer, just uploading their app and sitting around waiting for downloads to start will not work. 

App Store Optimization Tools

The app developers will have to invest their time and energy in a process known as App Store Optimization to get their targeted audiences’ attention towards their app. 

The big players of the market have huge budgets for marketing and media coverage, and therefore they are able to reach their targeted audience easily. It is survival of the fittest! If you do not have huge budgets, the best option for you is App Store Optimization.

What is the meaning of App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of increasing the visibility of your app in the app stores. You take certain steps and adopt various strategies to make your app appear higher in the search results and charts of app stores. 

App Store Optimization Tools teach and help you in performing your app/game’s optimization. 

Advantages of App Store Optimization Tools

According to Marketwatch, the mobile app market is predicted to grow by USD 653.91 billion during 2021-2025. The growth also indicates that various new apps and games will enter the market and the competition will reach new heights. 

App Developers who will leverage the use of ASO Tools will definitely have an advantage and will be able to increase the visibility of their app/game in this tough competition. 

The Advantages of using App Store Optimization Tools are as follows:

● Increased App Visibility

● Increase number of downloads

● Reduced cost of user acquisition

● Increase in-app revenue

● Global audience reach

● Enhanced User Experience

Types of App Store Optimization Tools

Based on the main feature that the App Store optimization Tools provide, we have grouped them into various types. 

1. Keyword Optimization

These ASO tools focus on keyword optimization. They show the ranking on various keywords, and also suggest keywords, and track your app/game’s ranking on various keywords. 

2. User Review Optimization

These types of ASO tools focus on user review and app ratings. It shows you what the users have complaints about, and thus you can improve that in your app/game. 

3. A/B Testing

These tools help you in performing A/B testing on your app/game, and thus you can select the best landing page that attracts more downloads. 

4. Search Ad optimization

These tools help you with insights if you want to run ad campaigns on app stores. It will also showcase what your competitors are doing. 

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Top 8 App Store Optimization Tools

1. Apptweak



With 80,000+ apps using Apptweak for app store optimization, Apptweak is among the leaders of ASO tools. The tool focuses on increasing the visibility of your game/app and helps in increasing the number of downloads. 


● Keyword Analysis:

It tracks and monitors millions of keywords daily. The tool will monitor your app’s performance and will suggest the right keywords to get ranked.

● Downloads to reach the top:

The tool provides insights about the downloads that your app needs to get to the top charts of the app stores. 

● Competition Analysis:

Apptweak can also be used to monitor your competition’s performance, history, growth, and other related info. 

2. Mobile Action


Mobile Action

Mobile action is equipped with all the keyword features that the app developers will need. The comprehensive market data and SDK intelligence features can help you take your app to the next level. 


● ASO Intelligence:

Packed with keyword features like keyword suggestions, monitoring, intelligence, and competitor keyword tracking, Mobile Action is the all-rounder for keyword optimization. 

● Market Intelligence:

This feature provides you the information about how many downloads your app needs to get ahead of your competition. 

● Ad Intelligence:

Reach the ad creatives and ad networks that are used by various apps and find the right ad partner for your app. 

3. App Radar


App Radar

Analyze how your app/game is discovered by the users on various app stores and increase your app/game’s visibility by finding the best keywords for your app/game using AI. Get the most out of your product with App Radar. 


● Keyword Analysis:

It tracks and monitors millions of keywords daily. The tool will monitor your app’s performance and will suggest the right keywords to get ranked.

● Optimization score:

Get a true score based on your app/game’s optimization, and also get insights and tips on how you can increase the same. 

● Reply to reviews:

App Radar has various templates that are used to reply to your app/game reviews. This way, you can increase the conversation and user satisfaction.

4. Sensor Tower


sensor tower

Sensor Tower is among the best ASO tools if you want to get insights into the mobile economy and to know what the top and ranking apps/games are doing. 


● App Intelligence:

It provides you with app analytics, view and analyze review, detailed competition analysis, and keyword rankings. It also helps with localization analysis. 

● Store Intelligence:

This feature allows you to see the performance and revenue generated by your app/game and also for the competitor’s product. 

● Ad Intelligence:

Reach the ad creatives and ad networks that are used by various apps and find the right ad partner for your app. 

5. App Follow


App Follow

App Follow is a one-stop destination for ASO to monitor app performance, star ratings, user reviews, and app/game’s organic growth. The flexibility of the product allows you to efficiently plan and manage various ASO strategies. 


Review Management:

The ratings and review dashboard creates a unified inbox so that you can easily reply to the reviews. It also creates auto-tags to make the process easier. 

Product Management:

Get your hands on product insights, market insights, and various other actionable insights. Also, monitor app store performance and get the benefit of various integrations. 

Competitor Analysis:

Monitor your competitors and get insights about all the changes that they make and the impact of the same on their app’s performance. 

6. App Annie


App Annie

One of the widely known and effective App optimization tools is App Annie. App Annie is trusted and used by millions of users for research and analysis. Use the research and data collected to plan and implement new and effective strategies. 


● App Analytics:

This is a free feature that allows you to track your app’s performance related to app usage, downloads, revenue generated, etc. 

● Competition Analysis:

App Annie helps you in identifying competitive threats by monitoring your competition’s performance, history, growth, and other related info. 

● Marketing Intelligence:

Create smarter and better performing marketing campaigns and track them effectively using App Annie. 

7. ASOdesk



Equipped with three specific features for keyword optimization, unique features for app analytics, and organic intelligence, ASOdesk is among the most effective App Store Optimization tools in the market. 


● App Analytics:

Analysis and record the conversion of each individual from various sources, impact of your paid marketing on organic traffic, and much more. 

● Replies and Reviews:

This feature helps in reducing your efforts by automating the replies, and thus you can focus on more important tasks of ASO. 

● Competitor Analysis:

Get all the useful information about competitors’ apps and their performance. Analyze it and find growth points via advanced analytics tools. 

8. App Figures


App Figures

App Figures is a powerful App Store Optimization tool used for keyword research and analysis, competitor monitoring and tracking, and keyword rank monitoring. App Figures can automatically connect you to everything that matters for your app/game.


● App Tracking:

Track the downloads, sales, and in-app purchases of your app/game. It will also show the number of searches that your app/game appeared in. 

● Competitor Analysis:

Discover the keywords that the competitors are using and apply them to your app/game to rank on various keywords.

● Artificial Intelligence:

With smart suggestions, App Figures will present all the keywords that matter for your app and that can help in growing your app/game’s visibility. 

Wrapping Up

A lot of analytical research and competition comparison is required to rank your app/game and to increase its visibility. Choose the best App Store Optimization Tool from the above-mentioned curated list to get the best results out of your app/game. 

Also, if you require an expert opinion, develop an app, or help in optimizing your app/game, you can contact Capermint Technologies. Their expert consultants and developers will seamlessly guide you and will help you in ranking your app/game.

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