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How Great Design Drives Business Success

Web design trends are like fashion trends, and they keep changing over time. Some of them linger for a long time due to ease of implications and good user experience. Others don't. And it is not always easy to predict which of them will prevail. There are almost thousands of designing principles that make any website from good to excellent. They also make your dream website into reality and can help narrow it down to just a few ideas. 

Great design drives business success

In this article, we'll learn some more exciting and latest web design Melbourne trends for 2021 and list the signs that make up a great landing page for your website. We hope this information motivates you to create stunning and unique designs. 

1. Predominance typographic designs

Typography styles like bold sans serif fonts have been in trend for a long time, and the trend continues to evolve in today's sites. Today, we see more hero blocks on the website, where the main image or video is replaced by visually dominant text. From the brand name, logos to homepage carousels, you can check out some most trending sites to find the ideal example of this. 

If you like this trend and want to implement it on your eCommerce landing page, you can ask your web design expert to include some unique fonts and styles into your sites. You also do that from Google Fonts services to connect your favorite fonts. All you have to do is choose a suitable font, click on the connect button and use it for new or already posted texts on the landing page.

2. Layered elements and cut-out photos

Layering elements with overlapping and asymmetrical layouts is another big web design trend in 2021.  This approach uses staggered grids with partially overlapping elements such as text, photography, background shapes, etc. This is a more elegant form of brutalism, giving preference to the coarse, bold design. This trend is growing in popularity as it creates a dynamic and hands-on experience for online visitors. 

A common layering technique involves using creative but message-based photographs that appear to break through the frame. The uniqueness of this trend is due to the fact that overlapping layers create the illusion of depth and volume.

This trick works well when you want to place multiple elements on a website without overloading the page's overall look. 

To ensure you are applying this design theme correctly, you can gradually fade out the elements using the fading effect. You can also use drop shadows to enhance certain design elements.

3. Animation when scrolling

Web designers keep experimenting with their website designs, and animations are one of them. Dynamic elements, for example, are used to attract the attention of visitors to the web design animations when scrolling down. The visitor can observe various elements' movements, effects, and transitions when scrolling down the page. These animations look beautiful, but it also helps engage users and make the website more memorable. 

You don't need an animation studio to realize this trend. Even small pieces of animations in the website or landing pages support text and improve whole website performance. It makes images and text more understandable and makes your website appear more attractive. Follow these tips to use animation when scrolling. 

● Maintain movement in a small area.

● Provide user-defined interactions: Provide obvious controls to play / pause / stop interactions and movements.

Make sure the animated elements help emphasize the complete website design and not distract from important text. This website designing trend not only makes websites dynamic but also stays in trend. 

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4. Go with the pastel colors

Colors play a significant role in web designing. It's not only an important designing element but also helps set brand image. In 2021, pastel and earthy hues are some of the most trending colors of web design. 

The soft, natural colors are pleasing to the eye and build a sense of calmness. If you're designing a website for beauty and health, then you should pay special attention to the colors you're using on your website. 

5. Use only relevant elements

When you're designing your website, always follow the principle - the less, the better when designing a website. In 2021, people after a difficult 2020 are full of worries, both at home and at work, and a simplified design will help create a feeling of lightness and simplicity. Minimum elements in the website make the website user-friendly and help rank on search engine pages. It will increase your website loading time, and users will get the right message across quickly. Opt for a minimal design and choose a website builder that offers fast-loading web pages for your business website to keep loading times low. 

6. User-friendly content

Website is all about content, and if you want to grab your client's attention, offer them high-quality, user-friendly content. Accessible and readable content ensures the effectiveness of their campaign and helps people understand your business. The user-friendly content is the best social proof and a great way to showcase testimonials, photos, and videos of products and services. You can also use content created by loyal customers, including information and testimonials about your product. The benefit of using this content is that you will get completely unique content because your customer has created it from their own experience. It demonstrates openness to the community - user-generated content opens a feedback loop and shows that your business cares about customers.

It inspires confidence - customers believe what others say. It will add social proof. With user-generated content, you prove that your product or service is "liked" by the public in real life.


Some of the latest trends listed above may surprise you and sound traditional but traditional designing elements. It is fine. It does not mean you're not following the latest trends while designing, and you can set your own trends by developing unique designs. Even without opting for these trends, you can design beautiful sites for your business to create modern and highly converting landing pages. Let me know if you find this information practical and helpful for designing a website for your business. Comment below!

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