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Important Things to Consider While Choosing a WordPress Theme

Creating a website was not a simple task. It needed coding knowledge and deep learning about designing different pages. But since the emergence of WordPress, it is really easy to set up a website with limited technical experience. Even a beginner can create a website on WordPress since the content management system comes with thousands of templates and themes.

Using WordPress, you can design and deploy websites for any use. Be it a website for a blog, a corporate company or business, or an e-commerce store, WordPress has got a large community that will help. Especially if you are looking for an online storefront, you will have multiple WordPress WooCommerce themes to choose from. As a matter of fact, you can choose from one of the ThemeForest top WooCommerce theme for your store.

It is true that you have a lot of choices in terms of themes. But choosing a theme is a crucial factor in how the website will turn out to be. The theme should satisfy a few parameters to be called a good selection, and some of them are listed below.

Responsive Design

●What is Responsive Design?-That’s when the idea of responsive websites was introduced to web developers. Responsive design means all elements of the website; the text, body, images, header, and footer; scales according to the size of the screen. Thus, it is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate on smaller screens too.

So the first thing to see is whether your WordPress WooCommerce theme is responsive; else you are likely to lose a fair share of potential customers.

● Need for Responsive Design-In the old days, the computer was the only device that was used to access the internet. But as times changed, tablets and mobile devices have taken over the market. Also, as time changed, the principles of development also changed. An example is this New York software development company. Usually, websites used to be designed with the computer in mind. Thus, all elements, including images, text, and other widgets, were designed to be consistent with the standard monitor size.

But once tablets and smartphones came into the fray, web developers had to consider making a dedicated website version for these devices as well. This needed more time and money to complete. 

Fast and Lightweight

● Website Speed-The loading speed also is a governing factor for ranking your website on Google. The page may load slowly if you go for a big theme when your host does not have space to store it.

● Loading Time-Imagine someone is looking to buy a product from your website and it takes a while to load. You are losing a potential customer and the finances you spend on server allocation. It does not matter how high is your website traffic most users will reroute once they see the buffering.

● Site Health-In the e-commerce industry and for its content strategy, site health does matter. So find a good WooCommerce theme from ThemeForest. The themes must also be lightweight, meaning that they should not take much space on the server. So the files must be small enough without making any compromise in design and performance. This is the work of WordPress WooCommerce theme developers using suitable technology and clean coding.


The theme you choose should have a full customization facility. This way you can make the site unique even though most themes come with multiple home page demos.

● Plugin Compatibility- Functionality includes an SEO-friendly design and the ability to integrate crucial plugins. In the case of online stores, the integration with WooCommerce plugins is very important to facilitate payments. Similar to these, a theme must have easy integration options for page builders and other plugins that make a site function properly.

● Customer Support- Apart from these, the theme developer should have good customer support that can help the user with all doubts. Also, frequent updates are necessary to make the site look and work better. But some theme updates can break a site, so be careful to choose one of ThemeForest’s top WooCommerce themes for your website.

● Optimised for SEO-To be successful, Search Engine Optimization practices must be proper with the theme. The SEO of a website determines whether it is able to rank on search engines. This determines the site’s success and your visibility on the Internet.

some of the top WooCommerce themes from ThemeForest that satisfy all these parameters.



This theme is one of the most popular themes in the ThemeForest marketplace. With more than half a dozen homepage demos available, you will have an easy start. This theme is fully customizable, so you can easily add new widgets, new header and footer skins, background color and more.

Kapee is one of the best themes with a powerful page builder integrated with it. The WPBakery page builder allows you to design every aspect of the page from headers and footers to widgets. Since the theme is responsive you do not have to worry about the appearance of the site on mobile and tablets.

License: Premium.



This is yet another responsive WordPress WooCommerce theme that is gaining popularity. EmallShop is built in Bootstrap and has great functionality. Since the customer support is great, you will always have help in making changes to your website.

The Revolution Slider incorporated with the theme allows you to create beautiful sliders, which is great news for e-commerce sites. Similar to other themes, EmallShop also comes with a gallery of homepage demos that can be edited according to your needs.

License: Premium



Like EmallShop, BigBazaar also comes with Visual Composer, a powerful page builder. This is also a theme that is suitable for e-commerce businesses, be it electronics, cosmetics, or clothing. With over 10 pre-built home page layouts to choose from, this theme is very useful for people that have no coding experience.

This is a responsive theme, so you do not need to worry about how it will look on mobile and tablet. The theme also offers many headers and footer styles to those who purchase it. So this is also among one of the top ThemeForest WooCommerce themes.

License: Premium.


Many WordPress WooCommerce themes are available for free as well as with premium plans. Most of the free themes are suitable for beginners and have all the basic functionalities. But themes like Kapee and EmallShop are some of the top ThemeForest WooCommerce themes for a reason. They can get you started with everything needed for an online e-commerce shop.


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