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Why is Flutter SDK Ideal for Startup App Development

In today’s technologically advanced and fast-changing world, every single opportunity is short-timed. If you don’t leverage it within the required time frame, your business may not survive the cut-throat competition of the market.

An excellent example of this is the launch of the Signal messaging app post the introduction of the WhatsApp Privacy policy. Signal leveraged the market opportunity and garnered millions of users. The thing to notice here is that time was less, and Signal was ready for this. To make a market entry like this, you need to have the best development software that can reduce the time to market by increasing development speed.

As a rule, to develop an app we address to mobile application development services. But in 2017 one of the best software for faster and qualitative app development was launched in 2017 named Flutter. Google launched Flutter as open-source software to ensure that firms can develop cross-platform apps faster than ever. Since its launch, Flutter has been in high demand. As per Google, around 500k developers use the open-source SDK on a monthly basis.

If you are a budding business, you need to get in touch with a Flutter App Development Company to skyrocket your revenue numbers and extend your customer reach.

What is Flutter?

Unlike programming languages, Flutter is a software development kit that offers many features that make cross-platform app development super easy for developers. It has pre-written codes, customizable widgets, and various other tools and libraries that ease cross-platform app development.

Although almost every business wants to hit the market as soon as possible, Flutter is ideal for those who can’t just wait. The open-source SDK is ideal for those who want to:

Hit the market faster

One of the key aspects that can give you an edge over your competitors is the launch time. If you launch your app as soon as there is a scope in the market, you can increase your business numbers quickly.

A classic example of this is TikTok. As soon as TikTok was banned in some of the Asian countries, Instagram launched its Reels feature. This led to the complete replacement of TikTok in those countries.

Instagram was able to do this because they were ready for the change. Similarly, Flutter is an SDK that can help both startups and enterprises leverage such opportunities by offering faster app development.

Save time and effort

Flutter has this awesome feature of Single Codebase. By this feature, the programmers can easily use the one-time written code for multiple platforms. With this, the providers of the Flutter App Development Services can make apps for Android, iOS, Linux, and other platforms in a very short time.

The Single Codebase feature of the app is backed by the Hot Reload and Development feature. This feature of Flutter allows developers to see changes made right in front of them in real-time in a matter of seconds. It can update both designers and engineers, who are able to work together seamlessly without interruption as long as there aren't any major updates happening on their end!

The combination of both of these features helps a Flutter App Development Company save a lot of time and effort in development.

Save Cost

As per CBInsights, 38% of the startups fail just because they run out of cash. Hence, your app budget is the most critical factor that needs maximum attention. Each one of us wants to hire developers at a low cost, but is that enough? If you will take a closer look, it is not!

Developers that deal in Native app development turn out to be pretty costly to the business. Yes, the user experience delivered by native apps is high, but it does not balance the ROI. This is the reason businesses find Flutter a great choice. Moreover, other frameworks are fit for developing cross-platform apps, but they compromise the UX.

If you Hire Flutter App Developers, it will not only be good for your revenue but also for your upfront investment. As it is an open-source SDK, you don’t have to pay anything for it. Moreover, its features like Single Codebase, Hot Reload and Development, and Custom Widgets help in easy and faster app development. Thus, providing your double benefit in half the investment.

Make apps for the web too

So far, we know that Flutter is ideal for making Android and iOS apps, but do you know that it can be used for web and desktop interfaces too? If not, then this one is a surprise for you. If you are planning to develop an application for the web or desktop, Flutter is an ideal choice for you.

Flutter has a code-compatible version named Flutter Web used to develop web apps rendered by HTML, Javascript, and CSS. Hence, those who want to try all modes of customer acquisition can use Flutter Web to make native apps for Windows, Linux, and even macOS.

Why Flutter?

All the above-described points were the scenarios where Flutter is ideal for use. However, there are reasons for which you can use Flutter even if you don’t fall under the businesses that want the points mentioned above. Here are some of those reasons:

● Dart: Dart is the programming language used by Flutter. It has various innovative aspects that make app development easier for developers, such as a rich standard library, generics, strong typing, async-awaits, etc.

● Community: Flutter has a wide online community that helps newbies get their hands on the SDK easily. Moreover, the included videos also assist in app development.

● Less testing: As the code of apps for all platforms is the same, you do not have to test each app separately. Thus, making Flutter the best SDK for app development and testing.

Final Words

No matter if you have a budding business or an established one, you need to try Flutter for app development. You may have to pay more to hire Hire Flutter App Developers, but your investment will be easily covered in the ROI as it will save a lot of time and effort as compared to your market rivals.

Author Bio

Jamie Joyner is content cum digital marketer at Solution Analysts, a leading web app development company. She is an avid reader and likes to remain updated for technological advancements in the domains of web, mobility, IoT, and emerging technologies. Her articles are informative and interesting at the same time as he expresses insightful thoughts clearly.

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