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6-Step To Make An eCommerce Business Content Marketing Strategy

Are you looking for ways to use content marketing for eCommerce business? Then follow along.

Content marketing has become the key phenomenon for many businesses around the world. Over the past ten years or so, online marketing, or as often experts call it ‘digital marketing’, has come up with many solutions for businesses. The one that stands atop the top is content marketing. Back in 1996, Bill Gates claimed that using content marketing would be the key, by simply using a famous phrase “content is king.” Nowadays, if you look at the way content performs, you would hardly doubt his prediction. As content marketing has become the chief element that sets aside legitimate businesses and puts them on another level.

So, how do you get your business listed among the favourable names of the online world? Setting up the credibility around a new business in the rapid world of eCommerce can be a troublesome experience. However, content marketing is one of the elements that makes it easier for new and established businesses alike. Therefore, it is imperative that you make a strategy in order to stand out in your niche and against your competition. So, without further delay, let us dig in deeper and understand some of the key elements of content marketing for your eCommerce endeavour. 

1. Understand Your Audience 

One of the first things that you will have to focus on is your audience. Before we tell you why, it is important to understand that content marketing is a people-centric marketing method. Which means that like conventional advertisements, where marketers would make people sit through commercials whether or not they like it, content marketing offers things that your audience does like to see. In order to figure out what that is and how to get there, you need to understand your audience first. So, you will have to make customer personas of your ideal customers to do this. 

2. See What Your Competition Is Doing

One of the major things that will put your business ahead of your competition is your understanding of your rivals. Whenever someone enters a new business or niche, the established ones might not let them get ahead, simply because of their existing credibility. So, how do you surpass this phase for your business? By figuring out what your competition is doing and then doing it in a better way. Bear in mind that content marketing requires you to be creative. In addition, as soon as you figure out what your competitors are up to, make sure you take two steps further. 

3. Portray Your Expertise

Speaking of prevailing over competitors, nothing will help you as much as portraying why you are the best option for your audience. Now, many would talk about their products or services in a bright light. But, to prove to your audience that you are actually what you say you are, you need to portray your skills through your content. So, you need to be making content that leads the way for your marketing and provides your target audience with one necessary elements: According to eWorldTrade, what you need to give them is a reason to believe in your brand and select your products\services over your competition. 

4. Create Content Regularly

The one thing that will help you step ahead in your niche is your frequency of content creation. Bear in mind that content marketing is the sum of your effort in various places, such as websites, blogs and search engines. So, in order to hold your position and withstand your prowess, you need to be regular with your content creation. The idea is to stay relevant, as your search engine strategy would require you to stay on the first page of SERP or search engine results page. Therefore, make sure you create content regularly.

 There are a number of different content strategies that can be effective for your business. For example, a product video for eCommerce can be a great way to showcase items and give customers a sense of what they’re like in real life. Similarly, quality product photography can help highlight items' features and make them more visually appealing. Another strategy is to create informative blog posts or articles that offer advice and tips related to the products sold on the site. These can be helpful for customers who are researching potential purchases and can also help to boost search engine rankings. Ultimately, the best content strategy for an eCommerce business will vary depending on the products and target market. However, using a mix of different types of content is often most effective in driving traffic and sales.

5. Use Social Media

Whether you do it in the beginning or after your content marketing strategy takes off, you will have to use social media networks. Why are they so important? Because social media networks are the most used platforms in the online world. The more you use them for your business, the easier it will be for you to stand out in your niche. So, the idea is to make sure you connect with your audience and draw traffic towards your other key platforms such as blogs and websites. But, social media networks play a vital role with customer care as well. 

6. Take Feedback Positively 

Last but most importantly, you need to understand the value of feedback. Every product and service will run into critiques sooner or later. The idea is to take those feedbacks positively. Why is this important? Because this will help you improve not only your products, but also your brand in general. With content marketing, the importance of taking feedback positively is about ensuring that you create content that your audience like, which, as we have already mentioned, is an essential to stand out against competition. So, make sure that you focus on feedback and key performance indicators.


These are some of the most valuable elements of content marketing for an eCommerce business using Shopify Google shopping feed. The right way to do it is ensuring that you make a strategy according to your business’ requirements and goals. So, lead with your objective and establish a strategy that helps you get over the line. 


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