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Pros & Cons of Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods

 When you visit grocery stores in market you might came cross variety of packaging types. Some of the foods get packed in jars, bottles, tightly sealed plastic while some are packed in bags and used to wrap up in foils. Pros and cons are associated with each kind of packaging. Lets look into the different types of Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods which are known for their convenience factor. 

Since the ancient times people have been using such kind of packaging and history has not been changed much as in today’s scenario people have been using jarred packaging to store various products like jams, pickles etc. Glass containers are also used to store household chemicals.

Bottled and Jarred packaged goods

History of Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods

The use of such packaged goods have been rise when refrigerator came into existence from 19th century. If taking about previous scenario you might remember that our forefathers use glass jars to store pickles and other food materials to make them long lasting. As per the latest technology people start making use of plastic and canned products but old is always gold and so as now people seems to show more interest in Bottled and jarred packaged goods and therefore the supply of such bottled packaged goods have rapidly increased. People are now much more concerned about their health and they know that plastic is not good for their health so their interest now again shifted towards bottled packaging goods.

The increased need of bottled and jarred packages have now become a matter of debate now. Some people think it to healthy while others think that it has adverse affect on environment. This kind of packaging cannot be used for all product types it is commonly used for food items like pickles, milk, meat etc.

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Materials Used For Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods

There are various materials that have been used for such packaged goods.

Glass & Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are the most common types that have been used for such packaging. Plastic is used by many because it is affordable, durable as well as convenient. Such bottles are used to store food items and beverages as well. Plastic is unsustainable for recycling  it causes environment pollution  and it is harmful for health therefore business started to switch on glass options.The only cons of using glass is that it is not easy to handle and can easily break.

Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard Packaging has low production cost and is sustainable too thus it is used by many businesses.

Metal Containers

To store various food items many businesses start using metal containers for storing food items. Tin plated steel is used in metal containers and this is the reason that these containers are very much resistant to corrosion.

Wooden Packaging

Many business prefer wood packaging to store food products as it is environment friendly recyclable, biodegradable and renewable however they are not as much durable as that of plastic.

Pros of Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods


The companies that can sell products with an ease would be really get benefits of such packaging goods. You can trust extraordinarily that products being stored in such king of packages will remain in safe hands.  Jarred packaged goods are mostly used to store food products and obviously it proved to be worth using such packaging.


With the help of food packaging various foods products are hygienically transported and stored from one area to other. Proper packaging reduces the chances of any bacterial infection like food poisoning as there is no direct contact with the food products as they are now consider as safe bottled and jarred packaged goods.

Packaging also allow to keep the food products safe at your home too since you don’t leave food exposed to the environment as they are bottled packed


Types of packaging even help to increase the span life of various foods as well as beverages.  In glass packaging food will remain fresh for the long period of time. Despite from hygiene and storage this might be the other advantage of using bottled and jarred packages.

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Food Preserving Techniques

  • Storing food for a long duration of time can be be injurious.
  • In sealed container like bottles and jars food remains fresh and you can consume it for long duration of time.
  • Food that stored in airtight containers like jars, bottles add some favoring agent either vinegar, salts as you can see in pickles.
  • It is easy to transport food in bottles and jars.
  • It is safe to consume food stores in sealed containers.


After pros of bottled packaging goods lets move onto the cons of such packing. The costs incur in packing products in jars and bottle is relatively high as compared to that of unpackaged food.

The biggest disadvantage of these packaging products is that it has adverse affect on health. Artificial flavors and other food addictive that has been used to relatively make the food products long lasting not only worsen the taste but it is also harmful for human body.

Some of the health risks including allergic reactions, indigestion and even leads to variety of other harmful diseases like lung or heart disease.


Most of the packaging will have adverse affect on environment as they contain plastic that is full of toxins and will affect the reproductive system to large extent. Most of the packaging is non biodegradable and it proves to be harmful for both humans as well as animals.


It would not be wrong in saying that packaging increase the cost of packed products. Storage as well as transportation of bottled and jarred packaged products seems to be very expensive as compared to other packaging products.


At last we would like to say that Bottles and jarred products have a list of advantages as well as disadvantages. It posses negative and positive characteristics so it’s your choice whether to use such packaging products to the large extent or to avoid using them wherever possible

What is the importance of Packaging?

We have included the pros and cons of using such bottled packaging goods. It talking about the importance of packaging then it keeps the product protected. Bacteria gets injected in the food items very rigorously but with the help of glass packaging edible food products remains safe for long duration of time.

Everything become very easy with the packaging as you can easily transport product from one location to another.


How to increase the lifespan of Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods?

These are the methods by using which you can increase the lifespan of packaged goods

• Freeze Your Product 

• Heat Your Product

• Drying

• Use of Chemicals

• Modifying Your Products Atmosphere

• Product Irradiation

Are Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods Harmful for environment?

Glass does not affect the contents, does not oxidize, does not emit harmful chemicals so we can say bottled and jarred products are not much harmful as compared to plastic one.

Are Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods Costly?

Yes they are

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