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Does In N Out Take Apple Pay? [Detail Apple Pay Policy]

 Are you a Burger Lover and confused from where to pay? Does In N Out Take Apple Pay? Answers is here with us as in this blog we will let you know each and everything about Apple Pay and about the restaurants that accept Apple Pay.  Apple pay is the safe, convenient and cashless method to pay at the restaurants that are accepting this payment method. But does In And Out take Apple Pay?

Does In N Out Take Apple Pay

Apple Pay is very easy to use and you can easily make payment by any of your Apple device whether it would be iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad. I t is the very secure method of payment either you can pay to the billing person in the restaurant or you can make payment through app or official website. Those were the days where you are required to carry your cardholders with you are you have to with for a change in a queue but in this modern world you are required to carry mobile only and by using your NFC mobile payment method in Apple Pay you can make payment wherever required. 

This article will coating the answer to your question i.e “Does In N Out Take Apple Pay?” so keep reading

What is In N Out? (IN and Out)

In N Out commonly known to be as In N Out burger is a fast-food burger restaurant chain in America. You will get the delicious burger at their store, If you have not checked their menu yet then here is the menu including double meat, 3×3, 4×4, grilled cheese, animal style and other mouthwatering dishes. In 1948 In N Out has been established in California and as now it has covered somewhat around 398 locations today.

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Does In N Out Take Apple Pay? (Accurate Answer)

Yes In N Out accept Apple Pay as the payment method whether you make the payment by going to the restaurant or you are looking for drive-thru! Option. 

How you can use Apple Pay at In And Out Restaurant

Are you ready to pay at In-N-Out Burger using Apple Pay, firstly you have to set up an Apple Pay in your iPhone or Apple Watch whatever Apple gadget you are using.If you have already setup Apple Pay on your Apple device then you can leave the next steps otherwise you have to follow the next series of steps where we will let you know how to set up Apple Pay.

Steps to Setup Apple Pay on Your iPhone or Apple Watch

Set up Apple Pay on iPhone

• Firstly you have to go to the “settings” then select “Wallet & Apple Pay”.

• Next step is to select the “add card” option.

• Press the “continue” button and choose the Payment Type

• You can add your debit or credit card details either by holding your Apple device over the card until it successfully reads all card information or you can add the details of credit or debit card manually.

• Complete the card verification details by agreeing to the Apple’s terms and conditions

• After that you have all the card details at your Apple Wallet app and you are all set to use the Apple Pay now.

Set up Apple Pay on Apple Watch

• Firstly you are required to link your Apple Watch with your iPhone

• Now open “Apple Watch” app on your iPhone

• Thereafter click on “Wallet & Apple Pay”

• Now tap “Add Card”

• Follow the above instructions and add credit or debit card details after that you can enjoy the services of Apple Pay

Note: Sometimes retailers might set the limit of payment that you can make through Apple pay or using any cashless method of payment if in case you exceeds that limit then either you have to opt for debit or credit card method or you are required to show your ID. This is the rare case.

How To Use Apple Pay Inside In N Out with Your iPhone

You can easily make payment inside In N Out Burger using Apple Pay just by following these steps.

  • Firstly double click on the button that you can see on the right hand side of your iPhone
  • Now unlock your iPhone by either showing your face if using Face Id or use your thumb if using Touch Id. If none of the above formula works then you can enter the pass code.
  • Over the contactless point of sale reader you can put your iphone where you previously use your debit or credit card to make the payment.
  • Keep on holding until you hear a ping, green checkmark will appear on the card reader machine it means payment has been done.

How To Use Apple Pay Inside In N Out with Your Apple Watch

• Double tap on the button that is there on the Right side of your watch

• Enter the required Passcode

• Over contactless payment reader hold your Apple Watch until the payment is done

Does In N Out Take Apple Pay?FAQ’s

People might ask several questions regarding In N Out Burger payment using Apple Pay. Here are some questions

What are the Payment Methods that In and Out Accept?

Instead of Apple Pay, In N Out Burger accept different type of other payment methods including

o Visa cards

o Mastercard

o Discover cards

o American Express (Amex) cards

o Debit cards

o Google Pay (Android smartphone)

o Samsung Pay

o Prepaid cards

o In-N-Out Burger Gift Cards

o Cash

Which of the Fast Food Restaurants accept Apple Pay?

You can make the payment using Apple Pay in different restaurants including Chili’s, Chipotle, Domino’s Pizza, Dunkin Donuts, El Pollo Loco, Firehouse Subs, Fuddruckers, Jack In The Box, Jamba Juice, Jersey Mike’s Subs etc.


In this article we tried our level best to gather the information about restaurants that are accepting payment through Apple Pay and also tried to provide the best answer for your question i.e Does In N Out Take Apple Pay? If we have left out anything do share your reviews under the comment section below

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