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How to Write a Top-Quality English Essay

 Essay writing is to a student what kryptonite is to Superman; a weakness. Students see it as a daunting academic task because of the effort it takes and its impact on a student's grades. It does not matter if you are a native English speaker or not; it will be tiresome to be grammatically accurate in your English paper on the first try. A list of helpful tips has been compiled for you, and it is as follows:

How to Write a Top-Quality English Essay


Writing a college English paper starts as most tasks do; with planning. You cannot hope to spend one-hour typing on your laptop and create a masterpiece. It takes time, effort, and attention to detail. So, if you have decided to write my essay today, you can start with finding the right place to work.

A calm and quiet place with little to no distractions is a good place for you to work. It could be your room, a café or the college library. Once you have found the spot, you need to remove distractions like putting your phone on silent and getting a water bottle and snack so you do not have to get up for it.

After you have found a place to work, the first thing to do in every guide of how to write an English paper is to create a schedule. You can divide the writing process into mini-tasks. This will make your goals more achievable. Psychological concepts suggest that breaking down activities into smaller tasks and completing them will motivate people. You can use this to your advantage. A sample schedule is as follows:

● Monday: Research the English book,

● Tuesday: Write the first draft,

● Wednesday: Work on other subjects,

●Thursday: Read the draft, fact check all the information, rearrange paragraphs,

● Friday: Ask a friend to proofread it and make changes while formatting it

●Saturday: Finalize the last draft and submit it an hour before submission.

If your day is swamped with work and academic activities, you do not need to worry about this assignment. You can hire professionals to write my essay services. These companies exist to help share your burden while creating high-quality content that will help you get good grades. You do not need to worry about plagiarism and incorrect formatting issues with reliable services. Another perk of paper writing services is that they employ native English speakers and experts, so you can rest easy to avoid grammatical errors within your order. 

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The topic and its outline

When it comes to the topic of the English college informative essay, you will have to deal with one of two scenarios;

● Assigned topic: If your professor has assigned the topic, you will have to work on it. In this case, you need to understand what aspect of the topic is required and tailor your research accordingly.

● Unassigned topic: If the topic has not been assigned, you will have to go through the instructions and choose a topic that meets all those requirements. An advantage of an unassigned topic is writing about something you are passionate about or have prior knowledge about.

After the topic has been decided, you can create an outline. If you think I want to write my essay today, you may outline it. The outline ensures that the order of events of the English book is accurate. Moreover, it helps create a flow within the paper and helps the reader follow the story. With an outline, your work will not have abrupt endings.

A sample outline from a how to write an English essay guide is;

● Introduction (background of the topic, its literary purpose and value, and thesis statement),

● Body (key themes and examples to support them),

o The first paragraph (Topic sentence, explanation, and example),

o Second paragraph (Topic sentence, explanation, and example),

o Third paragraph (Topic sentence, explanation, and example),

● Conclusion (Reiterating the central concept and linking it with the thesis statement). 

After the outline, you can start the research process. The outline will help narrow your research to focus on the necessary elements while filtering irrelevant data. You can jot down important information next to the heading where it fits in during your research.

The structure 

Every best online writing service prioritizes the structure of the paper. It helps arrange all the assignment content logically so the reader can comprehend it. If the structure is not maintained, the reader has to fish for details and make sense of them, reducing the quality of your paper. It can cost you your grade. 

You cannot create a top-quality paper if you attempt to write my essay fast and jot down information haphazardly. The first part of any English academic document is the introduction. This is the first paragraph and is your chance to hook the reader. It would be best to make it intriguing so the reader will want to read more. You can achieve this by using a rhetorical question or an idiom. The introduction includes the thesis statement as well.

 The last part of the document is the conclusion. The conclusion aims to end the document and is your last chance to get your point of view across to the reader. The conclusion should align with the thesis statement, the document's aim. It is best to avoid any new ideas in the last paragraph.

The main body

The main body of the English essay consists of 90% of the content. Once the thesis statement has set an aim for the paper, the body will present the arguments to support it. The main body has three paragraphs, each elaborating upon a different theme within the topic.  

You can use facts, quotes, and even examples from the English books to support your claims and strengthen your stance. Be sure to use transition words at the end and beginning of each paragraph, so there is a flow within the content and no abrupt endings. 

The Final Draft

Once you have written all the content, your document is not finished unbeknown to many students. You have to proofread it and even ask a native English-speaking friend to read it and help spot any grammatical or spelling errors. You can edit them during the formatting stage.

English essay writing is a difficult challenge for any student. It involves a lot of grammar, which is easy to mess up in a rush. With these tips, you will have ample time and quality content to create a masterpiece that will leave your professor with no choice but to give you the highest grade.


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