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Piso Wifi Pause Time - All Benefits & Features

 Piso Wifi is one of the famous and greatest internet services providers (ISP) in Philippines. Pisonet is the founder of this Wifi. If you thinking that when this ISP has came in the market then it would be hardly 5 years that Piso WiFi came into existence. It was founded in 2017 and now it is one of the most popular internet service used by the peoples of Philippines. Due to its high performance and demand as well it is now at its peak.

Piso Wifi Pause Time

More About Piso WiFi 

By using coins people of Philippines can access this Piso Wifi. Pisonet is the term that best suits for “one piso internet” i.e Pisonet. In 2011 the Pisonet was launched but as we read out earlier it has been replaced by Piso Wifi in 2017. You can get the internet service through vending machine as you will get access to the internet through coins. 

This technique works well for those people who cannot afford the internet packages. Even the non technical person can easily access this service without even spending more money out of your pocket. Wifi Users

Piso Wifi vendo has been used for the users who want to pay with the coins instead of paying real money for the internet services. Piso Wifi is for those users who want to access free internet. Piso WiFi Registration & Login Procedure

When you want to make use of Piso WiFi then first and foremost step that is required by you is to make yourself registered on the portal of this Piso WiFi . Follow these series of steps to get yourself registered:

• You are required to visit the website pisonet login prompt in order to make yourself a registered member. 

• You are required to enter your Name, email address and mobile number.

• Add the password for the account

• Once you are completed with the registration process then you can avail all features and functionalities of this Piso WiFi 

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Login Process

• Visit the website pisonet

• Click on the login option

• Provide the username and passwords that you have used while registration process

• Once you've entered all of your information, hit the "Login" button. You will then be taken to your WiFi router's admin panel.

• You make adjustments there as per your choice like you can change wifi settings, WAN setting and lot more.

What is Piso Wifi Pause Time

Piso Internet is best for the non technical person who wants to use the internet and even don’t want to take much amount out of their pocket. is one of the best suited platform that you can use as per you needs and whenever you want. In order to manage the Piso bandwidth you can work on pausing its time.

In Piso router’s admin panel you will found out the Piso Wifi Pause Time option if you don’t want the bandwidth to get fully utilized. From this Pause Time feature you can allow as well as disallow the other users to from accessing your Piso WiFi. 

There are lot many users who are accessing this Piso Internet service so there are many chances of hacking as multiple users are using this network on this same time. Here in this situation we understand the meaning of Piso Wifi Pause Time.

Lpb Piso Wifi Pause Time/Piso Wifi Pause Time- Benefits

• Low cost internet service provided to the users of Philippines

• Administration can manage it from elsewhere because of its rate management system

• Users are not required to follow a lengthy procedure to use Piso Wifi but they can use it anytime whenever they required.

• It does not incur much of your cost and you are not required to purchase data packages.

Piso WiFi Compatible Devices 

Piso Wifi is compatible with the devices as under:

• Smartphones 

• Tablets PC

• Laptops 

• Desktop Computer 

Piso Wifi Free Plan Features

 In the free plan of you can only use 15 minutes of internet on daily basis. When you are using the free service then you will of course get slow speed internet but you can easily connect it bu using your mobile data. With one account you can easily connect 5 devices when you are using the free plan. Even while roaming in the streets of Philippines you can access Piso WiFi. In registration and cancellation you are just required to provide the mobile number so the procedure is quiet easy.

Paid Plan Features

You will be able to access high speed internet while using its paid plan. You can even enjoy the internet service at a very high speed. You are only required to pay some amount to enjoy the overall features of Piso Wifi. If you will purchase Php 399 then you will get the internet data of worth 499. As in Piso WiFi free only you would be able to connect 5 devices with one account but by using the paid plan you can connect 10 devices with one account. There are several different internet options for students as they can avail the plans for Php 199.

Advantage of Piso Wifi pause time

To avoid the overuse of data you can use the feature Piso Wifi pause time. Here pause time can be set in various different ways. You can set it for limited number of minutes, you can even set it for particular duration of time that might be one hour or two hours. You can change the pause time by visiting Piso Wifi web portal.

This pause time feature is very useful to the users as they don't have to pay for the internet when you disconnect it.

We can't say that Piso pause time is perfect but it is certainly better than anything else. It is fast and secure and even provide the customer support services whenever required.

If you are having any internet issue in your area then you can pause your connection time using Piso Wifi so that you can save your bandwidth and even prevent you from the hackers as they won't be able to guess your IP address.


In this blog we have explained how you can control the internet bandwidth by using Piso Wifi Pause Time. Piso Wifi is the internet service that it provides you the users of Philippines.

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