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5 Major Benefits Of SD-WAN Technology For Businesses In 2022-2023

 While internet connectivity, speed, and security have evolved drastically over the last few years, businesses are still looking at better solutions. In other words, what is good just might not be good enough for your businesses’ internet and network requirements. 

SD-WAN Technology

With greater emphasis on digital integration, work processes, and operational viability, businesses need to go for the best network connectivity options that exist in the market. In this regard, SD-WAN has emerged as a great alternative for businesses. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the five major benefits of using SD-WAN network connectivity for your business. However, before we proceed to the list of benefits, let us first look at what this new network technology is all about. 

SD-WAN Internet Network Connection: Meaning and Definition

Most businesses are still dependent on WAN or Wide Area Network technologies for running their business operations. The problem with WAN solutions in today’s world is that they come with a fair set of limitations. For starters, they function on single device usage. This means that every time you are connecting to a different process, you are compromising on speed, efficiency, and control of your entire network. 

SD-WAN connectivity on the other hand does not force you to deploy multiple times. With the presence of a single and integrated unified controller, businesses can extend network connectivity to all their data centers and other branches and locations easily. In other words, the problems and hindrances of long distances are eliminated by using SD-WAN technologies. 

The need of the hour for most businesses is to create and run network solutions that can help with easy management while promoting increased security at the same time. Given how cybersecurity threats are clear and present dangers, a businesses’ communications and workings must be secured all across its IT networks in 2022-2023. 

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With the SD-WAN overlay in place, businesses can hope to- 

1. Gain full transparency and visibility over their entire bandwidth usage in different applications. 

2. If a specific application (for example, an Ecommerce platform) requires additional bandwidth to boost optimization, the same can be done from a single point. 

3. Improve their uptime and have tools and protocols in place to troubleshoot any network problems that might arise over their set-up. 

4. Secure their data management flows and build accountability for all their employees using the network connection options across different verticals. 

List of 5 Major Benefits of Using SD-WAN Technology for Businesses in 2022-2023

1. Faster and Better Internet Speeds and Connectivity- 

SD-WAN optimizes existing network options and connectivity. Businesses typically use MPLS, WAN, and Ethernet options. They might also work with different ISPs. By using an SD-WAN, you can create a centralized command system that boosts the speed and performance of your internet connection. Faster internet results in better work productivity. 

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2. Secure Connectivity with End-To-End Encryption- 

SD-WAN works on a private network. Needless to say, one of the major benefits of this is that the organization, network is secured through encryption. With the connection not breaking between different entities, this is by far the most comprehensive way to protect your business from data breaches and other cyberattacks that might be orchestrated in the future. 

3. Awareness around Better Network Protocols and Management- 

As a business, you need to be aware of every small detail that takes place in your network. This means keeping an eye on what the employees in a different branch (located in a different geographical setting) are doing. Better awareness can help you spot problems before they exist, identify productive avenues, and ensure that you have a complete picture of everything. 

4. The flexibility of Engagement with Cloud Computing and Technologies- 

Almost every business out there is engaging with cloud computing and technologies in 2021. Using the Cloud is easy, more efficient, and creates better productivity. However, the need to use the cloud is pre-empted with questions around safety. You are at the end of the day uploading sensitive data to the cloud. SD-WAN helps you maintain the integrity of cloud usages

5. Far more Cost-Efficient and Affordable Option for Businesses- 

Internet and network connectivity costs are a major drain on the company’s finances. While these costs are rising steadily, businesses can optimize and control them by opting for SD-WAN technologies. Experts point out that SD-WAN solutions, on average, are nearly 40% cheaper than traditional WAN and MPLS options. This is a major benefit for businesses.

The Final Takeaway

Network solutions not only need to be faster, but also efficient, less prone to problems, and incredibly secure. With SD-WAN, businesses are getting the best of both worlds. 2022-2023 is going to be the year when more and more businesses start using SD-WAN solutions to boost their network performance. If you have any questions that you would like us to address on the topic, please let us know in the comments below. 

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