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Top 4 Best Wifi Routers 2021

At the end of the 20th century, the phrase "the key to a strong family is a personal TV for each member of the family. In the 21st, technology and gadgets have made adjustments, and the "war" for the remote control has been replaced by battles for network access.


Best Wifi Routers 2021

Internet surfing and chatting on Facebook recede into the background before online broadcasts of matches and new Game of Thrones episodes. At any time and in any place, you can connect your smartphone, laptop, or tablet to wifi and enjoy watching. The more so because in many Ukrainian families, parents and children have at least one gadget that replaces the PC to some extent. Use its capabilities without restrictions will allow the router.

The correctly chosen device will provide high-speed access to the World Wide Web and a significant coverage area. And to understand the features and select the suitable model for your home will help review the best devices. If you are using a wireless repeater then you can change your setting by online Myrepeater site.

1) TP-Link TL-WR841N

 The rating of the best opens TP-Link TL-WR841N. This "workhorse" best combines an acceptable price and functionality.


Two external non-removable wifi antennas will provide quality coverage in a two or three-bedroom apartment.

Four LAN ports are built into the device to connect multiple devices with a cable.

The model works according to the IEEE 802.11n standard. Routers of previous generations used 11g, which was five times slower, and the signal radius was 15 times less.

The WPA2 encryption protocol is built in to protect against hacking and third-party use. This is the most modern way to secure the router and the channel from hackers, unlike the vulnerable WEP.

With the IP QoS function, the user can control the intensity of the Internet speed consumed by each device. Therefore it is possible to configure and distribute the connection between devices that use the network independently.

Possible disadvantage: there's no USB port.

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2) Asus RT-N11P 

The router is designed in a style typical to the brand devices: clear geometric lines, monochrome slash. The device looks harmonically in a high-tech interior and will accentuate a black or dark grey desktop. Asus RT-N11P will be an excellent choice for those who do not like white, stained models.


1. Entry-level model is suitable for a medium-sized apartment or small office with a minimum of walls and partitions.

2. Four LAN connectors allow you to use a cable to connect the necessary devices for faster networking.

3. User can adjust the bandwidth for each device, set the priority of distribution.

4. The brand's specially developed Plug-n-Surf setup system makes it easy to set up the device. Only three clear steps will help to debug the model even to the one who does it on his own for the first time.

5. WPA and WEP protocols are responsible for security.

Please note that it is impossible to connect the phone modem to the device because there is no USB connector.

3) Tenda F3

A well-known company makes the white glossy device from China. It is noteworthy that in the producing country, the firm has almost half of the market in computer networks and is respected. Therefore, you can be confident in the serviceability of the technology brand. In this case, the budget devices have little effect on the "iron" and functionality.

Advantages of the model:

Three fixed antennas provide up to 200 square meters of coverage. Considering the partitions and other obstacles for the signal, Tenda F3 will efficiently serve two or three-room apartments or a small private house.

Advantageously distinguishes the device from competitors by the presence of an interface in the Ukrainian language.

The user can set the limit and speed allocation via a wireless connection to different devices.

The wifi connection reaches 300 Mbps.

What is not:

Rubber feet for more efficient ventilation

Separate disconnect button

Wifi disconnect button

USB connector

4) D-Link DIR-615S

The brand is known in Ukraine for its reliable and affordable network equipment. A landmark event in the existence of the manufacturer was the change of name from Datex Systems Inc. Under the new name, the brand has achieved commercial success in more than seventy countries worldwide. The company's products include network adapters and screens, routers, and other equipment.

Features of D-Link DIR-615S:

Two built-in antennas will cover a small-sized apartment or office.

The device's switch consists of the standard four ports, so you can also connect other PCs and laptops, as well as game consoles.

There is a separate button to control the distribution of wifi, so you can turn off the network in one motion if you need to leave urgently. At the same time, appliances that access the Internet via a LAN connection will stay connected.

The built-in search function and notification of the necessary version installation will help you update the software without any effort.

The security is WPA/WPA2 and WEP at the user's choice.

No problem: There is no USB connector.

You also can consider the RangeXTD wiFi extender, Which is also considered good wifi booster. 



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