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What are the Advantages of Starting a UAE Mainland Company?

Are you interested in setting up a UAE mainland company? Then you are on the right path to enjoy all the benefits of setting up a business in Dubai. A Mainland Company which is established in Dubai is an onshore entity that can conduct business in Dubai's local market, as well as in other parts of the UAE and internationally. Also note that for the foundation of a Dubai Mainland Company, a local sponsor who is a UAE national is an obligation.


UAE Mainland Company

 So now let us note the Dubai Mainland Company's general shareholding pattern:-

● Sponsor from the UAE  is about  51 per cent

● 49 per cent of the company's shares are under the ownership of foreign investors

● Sponsorship from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) - 0%

● Foreign investors can hold 100% of the shares 

 The most popular are fixed annual fees, which allow a foreign investor to maintain entire control of his business while barring the local sponsor or sleeping partner from any commercial activity or profit-sharing.

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Advantages  of effectively starting a UAE mainland company

Dubai is one of the best spots for tourists and people around the world are attracted to the place for several reasons. Despite the aesthetic places, food, culture and fashion we still have the business opportunities that tuck in lots of visitors. The location is a plus point with a large population which is good enough to fish out target customers. The government is working every day on the infrastructure and improving the facilities for businessmen around the globe. Dubai is encouraging the people to do business here by creating an affordable business environment and the support is undeniable from the Department of Economic Development.

Let’s now see some benefits of having a UAE mainland company:-

● The first and foremost benefit a mainland company formation can give is the exemption from corporate tax

● Mainland companies have yet another important advantage in which they can trade with other mainland companies. They are advanced enough to do business with others in any part of the UAE or even outside UAE. This makes them different from other free zones in UAE because of the limited instruction of the free zone company with another

● If we are comparing a free zone business to mainland companies then the latter one is more on the positive side. As it helps the businessmen around the world to enjoy the benefits like more options to practice diverse business activities. For instance, companies under the basis of Dubai Media City have only permission to interact with the media or any field related to it. On the other hand, someone practising business on the mainland doesn't really have any restrictions. They can have what they want around the UAE  which in fact gives them all the opportunities.

● The next advantage is that they can choose any place in Dubai for their office. This makes it easy for them to trade with the local market. Also, is available to do business with different company branches. This allows them to bring a great impact on the business in UAE

● Then your company will be permitted to work under the government. Free zone companies don’t enjoy such benefits because they  only have permission to engage in private commercial work

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Some more benefits

● You can have a desirable number of visas as there are no restrictions on obtaining them for the companies engaging under mainland license. Getting access to a visa is also related to the office space available to you. That means if you have more office space then you are eligible to have more visas.

● Yet another important advantage is that you will not experience any kind of currency restriction during the business procedure

● You get to enjoy full repatriation of capital and profits

● Next to keep in mind is that the registration process is quick and simple

● You are also exempted from yearly audits which is a plus point for your UAE mainland company formation 

How to set up a Dubai Mainland business easily?

Now let us see how to step up the most attractive business setup in Dubai which is the  Dubai Mainland business. The Setup process is simple and quick with the submission of authentic documents but be careful to follow the below-given steps.

● The first and foremost step is to decide on the business activity you love to establish in Dubai

● Next, select a local service agent who will provide you as the local sponsor

● Then you will have to come to terms with the selection of a suitable location. Check for the suitable one with great access and budget

● After that, you will have to move forward with obtaining the initial approval. It is from the Department of Economic Development Dubai

● If everything mentioned above is carefully done then you can confidently go for a Dubai Mainland license

● The final step is to submit all the authentic documents which are for the company incorporation. You will have to submit all the documents to the Department of Economic Development Dubai. Finally, pay the fees they ask you to complete the final step



Mainland companies are one of the dreams to come true for entrepreneurs all around the world. The perfect infrastructure, business-friendly rules and regulations and cost-effectiveness is a plus point! Which all attracts the company owners to the dream. If you want to set up the company then either you can do it by yourself or do it with the help of the best business setup consultant in Dubai. Even though registration and getting the license is a simple and quick process, it still doesn’t hurt to get help when needed. So we advise you to get hold of the best business consulting team to establish your mainland company successfully.


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