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5 Pro Strategies to Protect Your IT Ecosystem

Digital ecosystem has made it quite easy to perform different business activities. However, it has also created a huge security concern for global enterprises. The challenge is how to enjoy the optimum benefits out of digital resources without exposing your business to the risks. In this post you will read some of the most effective ways to protect your site and system from cyber attackers and safeguard your data from being misused: 

IT Ecosystem

Be cautious when checking or interacting with emails

 One of the best ways to cheat people is to express the trust factor. That’s what the hackers and threat actors do in the digital world. So, it is very important to double-check any message (before opening) that seems to be sent by your bank, investment consultant, or software vendor. Needless to say, keep the greed factor under strict restraint to save yourself from being exploited by the email claiming to offer you astronomical amounts as a lottery prize. 

Likewise, the messages from the IRS asking you to share income information are another pet trick of smart cyber actors who want to steal your information. The best way to deal with such email is to confirm the genuineness of these smiles through offline and personal communication mediums like a phone call. Especially if there is any specific link or pdf to be downloaded, then avoid doing so in a haste. These things should best be avoided when you are multitasking and have a shorter attention span. You can save such messages for later and check them when you are in a relaxed mood. It will allow you to take the informed decisions instead of exposing your sensitive data to hackers.

Use the latest versions for all your software and digital resources

Today, you can find software for nearly every purpose- right from analytics tasks to producing videos for your site.  The reputed software companies frequently release new versions of their software. Along with performance upgrades the new versions also have security patches for the discovered vulnerabilities. Many such systems publicly publish the details of such updates and the security patches. It gives a decent idea about the possible vulnerabilities of the previous versions. 

The hackers get alerted and start finding the systems that are still running on the older version. They exploit the known vulnerabilities to invade their system and perform their malicious activities. SO, it is always best to update your software the same instant when the new version is publicly launched.


Connect to system via HTTPS

 In-transit attacks are getting very common as sensitive information is constantly being shared across global internet users. So, it is highly advisable to use SSL certificates that encrypt any information that is exchanged between your server and the browser of your visitors. This way it discourages the hackers from stealing the information as the stolen information would be encrypted and decryption is almost impossible even for the smartest hacker.


Use encryption for your system data

 Just like your website it is also important to encrypt the most sensitive locations of your system. The directories containing sensitive info like homedir and other such directories should be encrypted. It will ensure that even if your system gets stolen or compromised the encrypted directories would prevent the hackers from misusing the credentials or other sensitive data.

Never use guessable passwords for servers.

 One of the major mistakes that many businesses make is to use easy or even the same password across different servers. In many cases, this password is the same as the one they use for other websites. These generic websites generally lack a robust security system and this weakness can be exploited by hackers to steal; your password. 

The same password is then possibly used as a part of a brute force attack to gain an entry into your servers. always make sure that your server admin password is completely different and unrelated to any of the passwords that you use for other websites. For even better security you can consider using 2-F (or two factors authentication.

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Every business wants to enjoy the maximum benefits out of its IT ecosystem without dealing with security vulnerabilities. In this blog, we discussed some of the best risk mitigation strategies to achieve this objective. Based on the same, you can design a security checklist and use it when working on your website or systems.

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