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How to Increase Internet Speed on Your PC

 Slow internet is a nuisance!

To your professional work as well as to your hours of entertainment, we all feel frustrated when the downloading time exceeds our limit of patience, and the video keeps on buffering.So, before you start blaming your ISP and the weather, the fault could be in your system.

- When was the last time you cleared your cache?

- How many Windows do you have running right now?

- Is your Chrome updated?

Increase Internet Speed on Your PC

There could be a plethora of reasons for slow internet. Yes, your Internet Service Provider and bad weather could be a reason, but not always.The pointers mentioned above could be some of the reasons why your internet is acting out. Now, there are ways to get it fast and running. If you are looking for all the PC elements causing slow internet, you have reached the right place.

In the excerpt below, we will discuss six ways you can increase your internet speed on a PC.

Do These Things & Enjoy SuperSpeed In Internet

We have scoured the internet for the top tips on how to increase internet speed, analyzed customer feedback, and brought you the ultimate list that is causing slow internet.

These have been ‘tech guru’ approved!

1. Use A VPN

A Virtual Private Network [VPN] is a must-have when you are trying to protect your identity over the internet, but a private network can also protect you from all the bandwidth throttling from your ISP. Bandwidth throttling is when your internet service provider hogs your bandwidth to prevent data congestion or to convince you for an update. With a good VPN, you can prevent this. However, ensure that you get one that isn't free because that can backfire and end up with slower internet.

2. Optimize Your PC

Remember when we asked, ‘when was the last time you cleaned your cache.’ From the moment you start using your PC, it is functioning. Unfortunately, this can lead to many unused residual files which are taking up your memory. Maybe it is not the internet that is slow, but the system which needs some shaping. Get a PC cleaning and optimization software to deep clean your PC. Get rid of all the extra files which you do not need. This will automatically boost your internet speed.

3. Close Unused Windows

Too many windows are hogging your internet, and it can obstruct the speed when you are trying to download something over the internet. Thus, if you are trying to play something in HD or downloading a large file, you need to ensure that no extra Windows to Chrome tabs are using up the speed. Even if you are not using it, the internet is still running. So, it is better that you do one download at a time, especially if the file size is huge.

4. Close The Background Applications

When you install software, they can have a default setting of launching whenever you switch on your PC.

First, you have to go to your software configuration and check whether this is happening.

Second, you need to change the settings if you see a bunch of software running in the background.

Like Windows, this software can also use the internet and block the speed when trying to stream a movie. 

5. Use An Ethernet Cable

If your internet is not fast enough, even though you have upgraded to the new speed, and checked every configuration of your PC, then the problem could be with your router.You might not want to invest in another router as of now, and there is a solution for this. All you need to do is connect the ethernet cable with your PC. Good old cable connection never goes wrong. Plus, since the internet is coming directly from the cable, it will be much faster. Just ensure that the cable is not too long and it doesn’t have knots and twists because they can also obstruct the speed.

6. Get Antivirus

A malware attack can be the reason for the slow internet. Not only the internet, but it can also derail your offline speed. This is why you need to get a good antivirus installed on your PC.  Every time you download software or are about to download something off the internet. Ensure that you scan the software before you launch and scan the downloading link before proceeding.

A virus-free PC is a healthy PC!

Route To Fast Internet!

Fast internet is not a dream anymore!

You simply need to get some software that can regularly optimize your PC and at the same time change certain configurations, and you will have it. You need to keep your system in good shape for smoother online and offline functionality.


No more blaming the weather!

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