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Simple Ways to Improve Residential Internet

 Everyone demands faster internet speed. On the internet, there is a flood of information and solutions for high-speed internet but you could not rely. Sometimes, it works and most of the time you have difficulty in getting the speed of residential internet.

Residential Internet

If you are also sick of buffering then stop worrying. We have a solution which best fits you to get high speed at home. 

In this following blog, I will tell you simple ways to get high-speed internet at your residence. I have researched all things regarding the internet. I will provide you with a better understanding, let's start! 

Reset router

A reset router is a very simple technique to improve the speed of the internet at home. Turning off and on, provide a little pause to the router which gives you high speed. But decently reset the router if you want a proper result. Firstly, you will turn off the router and unplug the cord. Then you have to wait for a while for a couple of seconds. Then plug in the cord and again on it.

There is also a need to reset if you have a modem too. Off router for some seconds does things better. It clears cache memory and background processes. So, if you want unlimited internet high speed, once a month, you should reset both the router and modem.

Direction of antennas

Antennas of the router can get signals from any direction because it functions as omni directional. But technically speaking, signals are sent vertically to the antenna. Understand it, which means a vertical antenna will send horizontal signals.

So, if you are connected to a router, its antennas should be tilted horizontally. But now some routers are being made without antennas. But such routers have inside concealed antennas.

Use ethernet

Ethernet is wire, better than wireless internet to some extent at home. A wired connection is the best fit for home users. 

It is faster than wireless with stable connectivity. Only one disadvantage of it, it is limited and not user-friendly in terms of convenience. 

Channel change game

Wireless signals are based on the channels. Each router uses a specific channel to communicate with the devices. 

You are not alone to use Wi-Fi at your home. Everyone uses the internet at home. If your adjacent house is using the same Wi-Fi channel as you, then you have to face slow speed issues. So, if you want to get high speed, you should switch the channels.

Clear your cache

Cache memory contains your information when you search on the websites. Clear the cache and browsing history on a regular basis, could speed your internet up in a simple way.

Data cap check-up

The data cap is a big issue in slowing the internet. Internet service providers always put a cap on your data. Because they promise to offer a certain amount of data every month. When you have used your limit, then they put a cap on the data, which causes the slow internet speed. 

So, you should always check your bills and limits. If you are using data more than a set limit you can increase the amount of data. In this way, you don’t have to face any slow-speed internet. You can make a better plan.

Use antivirus

Viruses could become a hurdle in your internet speed at home. A virus, manipulate the information and affect the speed of the internet. 

So, you should use antivirus and scan your system on a daily basis. It could improve your internet speed. 

Block advertisement

There is a flood of advertisements on the internet. When you go online, you have to watch even unwanted and inappropriate advertisements.

If you want high-speed internet, you should skip or avoid these ads. Because these ads slow down your internet. So, you have to block them.

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