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SnapChat Score- How To get Your Snap Score Up

 What Is a Snapchat Score? 

Snapchat users have a number beside their username. This number keeps going up. The number is a particular equation that combines the number of snaps you have sent someone and received, the stories you may have posted, and other similar factors. 

In short, it is the record of your activity on Snapchat that measures the number of your snaps sent and received, the addition of users, and all of your other Snapchat activities. 

how to get your snap score up

How To Find Your Snap Score? 

Now that you know what a Snapchat score is, you are curious about how you can find it. You can follow the below steps to find out your Snapchat Score.

● Open the Snapchat app on your phone. 

● Go to your profile.

● You can see your Snapcode on the top position of the profile page. 

● Below the snap code, you can see your display name.

● You can see the Snap score and the zodiac sign underneath the display name. 

● Once you tap on the snap score, you will see two numbers.

● On the left, you will see the snaps that you have sent. On the right, you will see the number of snaps you have received since the creation of your account. 

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How Does Your Snapchat Score Go Up? 

Now that you know about the number of snaps sent and received from your account, you can add them to find out the snap scores of your Snapchat profile. But the number does not match the snap score that you see from time to time. 

That is not all; your snap score is higher than the snaps sent and received from your account. Although there is no solid proof relaying why the snap score is higher than the addition of snaps sent and received. But here are some possible reasons-

● The number of snaps sent.

● The number of snaps received.

● The number of stories you post.

● The number of users added.

● Bonus points gained by logging back in after a long time. 

How To Get Your Snap Scores Up? 

Now that we have given you the necessary information about the snap score, how to find it, and how it goes up, let us come to the main point. The logical explanation of this question has a straightforward solution: to keep using Snapchat every day. 

It would help if you kept sending your friend's new snaps, and they also need to answer your snaps with their new snaps. So here are a few tips to get your snap score higher. 

Send More Snaps 

The easiest way to increase the number of your snap score is by sending more snaps to your friends. Of course, the secret behind the Snapchat algorithm is a "secret,"but adding more people to your Snapchat profile and sending snaps to each friend is the best and logical way of getting your snap score higher. 

The best thing you can do is engage with one or two of your friends and keep sending them snaps several times throughout the day. That way, you can surely get your snap score up. 

But it would help if you remembered that sending snaps to people in groups does not help get the snaps to score higher. So instead of standard texts, you need to keep sending your friends snaps. 

Making Friends

This is another working solution that will help you get more snap scores. You can invite your friends from other social media platforms, or you can make new friends on Snapchat. 

Making friends on Snapchat will help you with two advantages; you will meet new people, and you will also be able to increase your snap scores.

You can look for popular Snapchat profiles and add them as your friends. This may sound silly at first, but doing so will surely increase the number of your snap score. 

Use Snapchat Regularly 

You need to open Snapchat regularly and use it regularly. Using Snapchat regulaularly and sending and receiving snaps regularly helps increase the snap score of your profile. It would help if you opened the snaps when someone sends them to you. Also, you need to respond to those snaps with your snaps to see the snap score go up. 

Bottom Line

Honestly, there is no real purpose for increasing your Snapchat profile's snap score. But you will get the best friend emoji if you hit the Snap Streak with one of your friends. Of course, you could also get the Snapchat trophies, but those are no longer available on Snapchat. 

Was this article helpful in getting your snap score up? If it was, please let us know. 

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