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Lost Snap Streak? How to Get it Back [Easy Steps]

 Snapchat contains many entertaining features and one of them is “Snapstreak”. Have you ever wondered that while sharing pics with your best friend to keep snap streak going, all of a sudden you lost snap streak. Everyday within 24 hours you are only allowed to share one video snap or photo with someone but what to do when you lost snap streak or snap streak disappears.

When snap streak is about to expire Snapchat will remind you for the same. In other words if you lost snap streak then by following these steps provided by Techy Gossips you will be able to restore it or get it back.

In this article we will let you know how to keep a streak going and for longest streak what was the streak score. A digital marketing agency can help you restore this.

How to Get a Lost Snap Streak Back in Snapchat 

Even after following all snapchat rules if you lost snap streak and you came across streak has expired in error. For the recovery process do follow these beneath steps:

• Open Snapchat and log in to your account with your login credentials

Open Snapchat

• Tap on to “Settings”

Snapchat Settings

• In the bottom of the page go to “support” section

Go to snapstreak support section

• Click on “I Need Help”, thereafter click on “Snapstreaks.”

I need hep section in snapstreaks

• Below in the support section you may find “What if my Snapstreak has gone?” option, then click on “Let us know.”

Let us know in snapstreak

• Choose the option “I lost my Snapstreak”

My snapstreak dissapeared

• Fill out the information in the given form

Fill snapstreak form

• To submit the form click on “send” button

Submit snapstreak button

• Before your streak ended if you came across hourglass emoji, it is likely to depic that snapchat won’t help.

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To recover Lost Snapstreak issue you can go to Snapchat support page:

• Go to Snapchat Support

• Select “Contact Us.”

Snapstreak Contact Us

• When you move down you will see “How can we help section”, Choose “I lost my Snapstreak”

I lost my snapstreak

• With all the required details fill up the form

Fill snapstreak support form

• Click on “send” to submit

Send button in snapstreak support

How would Snapstreak Work?

When you exchange video or photos with your friends within 24 hours for more than three consecutive days then snapstreak is formed. When you cross streak thresholds then you will get to see the enojis isted below.

The fire emoji: After 3 day’s mark the fire emoji will occur just to confirm whether you are on a Snapstreak.

The 100 emoji: Wen you are on the snapstreak for 100 consecutive days then 100 emoji sign will appear.

The mountain emoji:  In exceptionally long streak users will abe to see the mountain emoji.

Throughout your snapstreak journey you came across these above emojis, you might be wondering what is hourglass emoji? It indicates that snapstreak is about to expire or you may lost snap streak

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Interactions that will not count in Snapstreak

Here are the list of interactions that won’t be counted in snapstreak

Chatting: text messages between you and your partner will not be counted in Snapstreak

Group chats: Snaps should be send between individuals not in groups therefore group chats will not count in snapstreak

Stories: Your daily stories will also not be counted in snapstreak even if your friend watches it.

Spectacles: Even if you use snapchat spectacles then also you won’t be able to increase snapstreak.

Memories: Sharing memories will also not be included in snapstreak.

If you won’t want to lost snap streak then keep sharing the photos and videos individually not in groups.

How to get Lost Snap Streak Back | FAQ’s

Can I make to Snapchat Support Number?

Sorry to say but Snapchat does not have a support phone number.

How does Hourglass emoji mean on Snapchat?

It simply means that snapstreak is about to expire

Without other person responding how do you keep snapstreak?

No you can’t

Wrapping Up

Here in this blog we have provided you the steps to recover the lost streak. You can get the snapchat streak back with the following. These steps are quite simple that anyone can imply without any technical knowledge.

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