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What does "Pending" mean on Snapchat?

 Have you ever encountered a "Pending" message on Snapchat? In this article, we'll find out what pending means on Snapchat.

Snapchat is an immensely popular and in-trend social media app particularly among the younger generation. Users can see various fascinating features on their Snapchat accounts, such as snap streaks, disappearing once viewed. Moreover, Snapchat offers filters and effects to make your pictures and clips more attractive and funny. It's a wonderful platform for interacting with friends, creating fun content and making connections with each other.

Pending mean on snapchat

But, Snapchat has been a platform many of the cyber predators are actively engaging. Snapchat Spy is the common problem many teenagers are facing with Snapchat.

However, users sometimes face the issue of "Pending" on Snapchat, which may be quite irritating for a new user. Users often have a tough time because of the pending messages on Snapchat

If you have been experiencing "Pending" on Snapchat messages and aren't sure what to do? Then don't get worried. We'll find what "pending" means on Snapchat, it's possible causes, and solutions for the Snapchat pending problem.

What does it mean when "Pending" is shown on Snapchat? 

The "Pending" status on Snapchat often indicates that the texts and snaps you send to your Snapchat friends are paused. It is indicated with a grey sign that might happen for several reasons, such as network failure or erased Snapchat accounts. The "pending" status, on the other hand, might indicate that the user on your Snapchat friends list might have blocked you. 

If your snaps or messages are pending on Snapchat, don't worry; you can figure out what's causing the problem and fix it.

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Reasons behind Snapchat "Pending" messages

The "Pending" status on Snapchat messages sent to users on your friend list might be due to several reasons. Let's take a closer look at them.

The user hasn't accepted your friend request.

The most likely cause of pending Snapchat messages is that the user has not confirmed your friend request. Snaps or texts will be delivered to the user when they accept your friend request. 

The user may not have accepted your friend request because they have stopped using Snapchat or have been idle for a long time. If the individual accepts your friend request within thirty days, then the message will be sent automatically, else be removed. 

The user might have blocked you.

Snapchat users may block others to keep their accounts private, and Snapchat blocks your access to accounts if the receiver accepts to block another user. You won't be able to send a snap or message to someone who has blocked you. As a result, your Snapchat message will be shown as "Pending." 

You could be unsure whether the contact has blocked or removed you as a friend. You may look for their username using the search box in such an instance. If your username is displayed, you've been removed as a friend, or else, you've been blocked.

The user might have deleted their Snapchat account.

Another potential reason for the "Pending" issue is your Snapchat friend deleted their account. 

Snapchat will not alert you whenever a friend's account is deleted, and the user's name will remain on your list even if they delete their Snapchat account. You could also see the archived chats in the chat section if any. But you will be unable to send them new messages or snaps, and the Snapchat pending message will appear to the right of their username.

Snapchat's server down

Sometimes Snapchat's server might go down or stop working for various reasons such as app maintenance, features update, glitch, server overload, bugs, and many more. Due to an internal server error or network issues, you cannot send messages or snaps until the server is active. For this reason, you may encounter "Pending" messages on Snapchat while sending any texts or snaps.

Network issues on the user side

Another reason your Snapchat messages are shown as pending might be a need for a strong internet connection. Snapchat saves the message within the cache and sends it whenever your phone receives or improves network connectivity with strong signal strength. 

In some cases, the receiver may not have consistent internet connectivity or may have turned it off. In this situation, you'll have to wait till they're back up.

How to fix the "Pending" error on Snapchat?

If you're having trouble with the "Pending" status on snaps or messages you've sent, try the suggestions below.

Clear Snapchat cache 

Deleting the app cache is one of the most frequent but effective methods for resolving particular app issues. Clean the Snapchat cache and ensure that no app data is affected.

Check your internet connection.

Check to see whether your phone is connected to the network and make sure the signal is strong enough from the WIFI or cellular network settings.

If you're on a cellular network, ensure low data mode isn't turned on, as it will limit your Snapchat data access.

Force stop Snapchat

The minor Snapchat bugs are generally fixed by forcefully stopping the Snapchat app on your phone. Keep in mind, though, that when you forcefully shut Snapchat, all of your pending messages can be erased. However, this might help you in resolving such problems.

Update Snapchat 

Update the Snapchat app on your phone to solve various issues. App updates might solve the issues as developers constantly send out new patch updates to enhance reliability and add new features.

Send streaks to other friends.

Try sending streaks to your other Snapchat friends and see if you get the same "Pending" sign in their messages. If it appears, there is likely an issue with your account.

Contact friends from other apps

The friend you try to send streaks might not have seen or deleted their account. Try to contact them through other messaging apps, which might resolve the pending issue through your communication.

Just let go

If any of the suggestions above didn't work, you've most probably been blocked or deleted from the receiver's Snapchat friend list. Let go and move on without making additional efforts to interact with the receiver, as Snapchat may ban you from the app if they consider your actions a cyberbullying attempt.

Final words

You may now understand what "Pending" on Snapchat means, as well as the causes behind it and how to resolve it. Also, try to uninstall and reinstall the Snapchat app, but remember that signing in again requires your login credentials.

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