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ATTYT- What is the Full Form Of ATTYT

 ATTYT is nothing but a misspelled word that is being used for “AT&T“that is American Telephone and Telegraph Co. So either in direct or in related terms you can say that form form of ATTYT is “American Telephone and Telegraph Co“. It is also known to be “Attorney“, and “A Thousand Thank Yous“.


AT&T Inc. is basically known to be the parent company of US multinational conglomerate registered in Delaware but its headquarters are there in Whitacre Tower in downtown Dallas, Texas. It is known to be the largest provider of mobile services in US and the largest Telecommunication Company in the world.

In last and final we can say that ATTYT stands for “American Telephone and Telegraph Co“. If you want then you can even check the Hindi meaning as well as full form of ATTYT.

 ATTYT: Frequently Asked Questions

What does ATTYT stands for?

ATTYT stands for “American Telephone and Telegraph Co“, “Attorney“, and “A Thousand Thank Yous“.

What is ATTYT Full Form?

ATTYT full form is “American Telephone and Telegraph Co“.

Hindi Full Form of ATTYT

There can be many Hindi full form of ATTYT and one of them is “American Telephone and Telegraph Co” =”अमेरिकी टेलीफोन और टेलीग्राफ कंपनी“

Final Verdict

You all might be aware of the fact and every word has different meanings in different context same as with ATTYT. Most of the times these given full forms “American Telephone and Telegraph Co“, “Attorney“, and “A Thousand Thank Yous“ can be used for ATTYT.

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