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Norstrat: The Exact Mind Behind Northern Strategies

 Norstrat is the strategic communication agency that mainly focuses on government relations, public relations as well as marketing communications. It has been in the market for more than 10 years and  Norstrat has been serving the customers of Canada and all across United States. 

There are group of former members of Canadian Armed Forces and public officials who use their strategic mind and founded Norstrat. By putting the Northern Strategy into action Norstrat has been helping out corporate sector and government agencies as well.


Norstrat’s experience helped in shaping world’s most well-known organizations and companies too..

Norstrat is providing employment to the large number of people and experts. They are not restricted to one single field but they also provide knowledge in other different fields also like Public Affairs, corporate communications. If talking about further services then it also includes Research & Intelligence Services, Marketing Communications as well as Media Relations.

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History of Norstrat

Norstrat ancestors came all the way from Canada and they have started the business as a small little agency with only one single office. Since then it has expanded the business and now it has covered all areas of United States. With US, Norstrat still has its presence in Canada from where it has started the business. It is the renowned consulting firm who has established good terms with military and government sectors.

• Norstrat is a integrated communications company that Is offering several services like digital marketing, social media marketing, public relation services all across the world.

• Norstrat aimed to expand its business internationally

• They are even eager to search new marketplace in their community also

• Norstrat has been providing a wide variety of services to the clients as per their needs and requirements.

Services Offered by Norstrat

Naorstrat offers wide variety of consulting as well as communication services. Naorstrat has strategic advisors that assist clients about every now and then of the services they are offering whether it would be brand development, merger or it would be the acquisitions. Before introducing their product they make everything clear in customers mind and try to meets their requirements in a best possible way.

Their expertise ate not restricted to private sector only but Naorstrat has been expanded its wings in Public sector also including lobbying, political strategy, government relations, management etc. It has even included media control, coalition-building as well as grassroots organization. Other services offered by Norstrat are as:

  • Offers project management support
  • Offer strategic business development process training
  • Provides bid management support
  • Procurement strategy definition
  • Operational requirements definition 
  • Memoranda to Cabinet
  • Provide support like project definition support
  • Presents subject matter expertise
  • Provides strategic advice whenever required on your Northern Strategy campaign plan.

Account Planning and Development Services

  • Naorstat is a great advertising agency that offers advertising services including market research and analytics tool. 
  • Sales performance is compared to marketing activity in this metric.
  • Naorstat also focuses on developing creative strategy as its main focus point is to have a Creative Briefing Center
  • For advertising purpose you can create ads and use multi-channel communication method for the brand promotion.

Who are the clients of Norstrat?

Firms and organizations of all sizes whether it would be startup or has been conquering the market for years and among the Norstrat cliets. It has its customers and clients from all across the world and that to be from different fields including financial services, healthcare, consumer items and entertainment.

  • Norstrat provides digital marketing services including paid media planning, social media marketing, running paid campaigns etc.
  • Clients can easily hire the firms to run their different campaigns like paid Google ads, arrange events as well as do market research. Of the Norstrat’s clients are Charles Schwab & Co.
  • Walt Disney owned the company named as The Walt Disney Company and there is another group named to be the World Bank Group. Agency has a lot of success in its field.
  • Norstrat has also received the award of excellence from The American Marketing Association and The American Business Honors.

How to work with Norstrat?

Specialties of Norstrat are public relations, food, social media optimization as well as digital marketing. Other services to be part of Norstrat are strategic communications planning, Market research, branding strategy and identity design and digital consulting.

Hill & Knowlton Strategies is the strategic partner of Norstrat. Hill & Knowlton can even access the global network of Norstrat. It also help the clients with digital marketing practices like Content development and influencer outreach that are the key points to improve the social media presence.

In the market research, through various internet surveys and qualitative interviews they try to gather Consumer behavior. It creates some emotional bond with the companies.

Additional training by Norstrat

 Norstrat provide additional training to their members as:

• Programs for business coaching

•Workshops for professional development

• Leadership development programme

• Program for executive coaching

Certain kind of workshops have also been conducted by Norstrat for is members. Personal development programs are also an important part of their training that should not be missed out. The Partnership and Leadership Program are also being included. Norstrat always works for the welfare of its members by offering Business Coaching Programs in order to enhance business skills.

Other Norstrat Facts that you must know

Norstrat Headquarters are basically situated in Canada. If talking about company revenues then it is less than five million and is having less than twenty-five employees.


Company work on the technology GoDaddy DNS, JQuery Migrate,, Google Font API etc.

Company's Goal:

With the help of system developed by this company, other oil companies would able to find more potential oil as well as gas deposits beneath the ocean floor. A fresh underwater search system is also developed by Norstrat that work on satellite images.

Services Offered to the clients:

Clients might get benefit from their business models i.e planning and developing strategies for the ultimate growth of business.


Can you define the address of Norstrat Canada?

Canada branch Address of Norstrat is 3 Arbuckle Crescent, Ottawa, ON K2G 5G9, Ontario Canada

Who are the Cloud competitors of  Norstrat?

Competitors are as under


Call Rail

Go to connect

Wrap Up:

With the coalition of bureaucrats, Northern business leaders as well as retired Canadian Armed Forces this company Norstrat has been established to help the clients in strategic planning. If you have more information about Norstrat that we have left out kindly mention that in comment section below.


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