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What Does NFS Mean?

Internet has a full dictionary of words, single word can be used in different senses. Things become little bit complicated when it comes to slang as different online or we can say social media communities treat single word in many other ways. Take an example of NFS which is a slang word that is being used in various platforms whether it would include gaming, food, cloud computing, banking, Instagram, Snapchat and many more. If you are wondering for its exact definition on web then you have for sure landed on the correct platform. Here at Techy Gossips we will make you clear what does NFS mean? Just keep on reading as we tried our level best to include all the possible categories where people make use of this slang word.

What does NFS mean

What Does NFS Mean?

If you want to know the full form of NFS then it is "Not for Sure". While communicating with the other person you can make use of this slang word means it is an acronym that you can use in your communication. While typing a text message you can make use of this slang word as people not mostly prefer to use this word in their verbal communication. 

NFS does not mean that is can be only used as a communication source but you can even use this slang word in various other fields whether it would be banking, computing, social media etc. It depicts different meaning in different fields. If you want to know other meaning of NFS then keep reading this blog as we will let you know what does NFS stands for. 

NFS Meaning In Texting

Everyone make use of short forms nowadays instead of using the whole words in texting like SYT, NFS, TTYL and many more. But do you know what what does NFS mean in text? While having some informal communication with colleagues and friends we make use of this acronym  that stands for Not for Sure. While chatting and typing text messages you can make use of such slang words.

NFS Meaning In Computing

NFS not play plays a major role in texting but when talking about computer world it even plays an important role as NFS stands for Network File System in computing language. If you want to access  files over the network then you can make use of this NFS protocol. I think we would have able to make this slang word clear to you in terms of computer world and you are now very well aware what does NFS mean in Computing.

NFS Meaning In Gaming

Hardly any teenager left out who is fond of gaming and is not aware of the term NFS. NFS stands for Need for Speed in Gaming and is one of the most popluar game among teenagers. This racing game is published by Electronic Arts and developed by Criterion Game.

NFS Meaning On Social Media

Do you want to give it a try and want to guess the NFS meaning on social media. This slang word is used by teenagers a lot many times while chatting on different social media platforms whether it would be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. Any guesses? Ok leave we will let us know the meaning of NFS  i.e  Not for Sure. Meaning od this slang word remains the same for Instagram, Facebook or any other social media platform.

NFS Meaning In Banking

You can ready out the meaning of NFS in reference to computing, social media platform, texting but do you have idea what does NFS mean in field of banking? NFS is the term that is being used in banks like other terms. Full form of NFS in banking is National Financial in banking field. Largest  ATM’s network is considered to be NFS.

NFS Meaning In Food

Very less people out there in the world might be aware of NFS meaning in food. In terms of food there are two different meaning of NFS

NFS stands for Nutrition and Food Security as per World Health Organization terminology

Secondly you might have come across NFS codes being written on the description of food items.

NFS Meaning In Shoes

In shoe department you might came across a banner named as NFS near some shoes section. Many of you have ignored it earlier even I did but when I came across the same thing over the internet I was like Ohh I knew that before. NFS meaning in shoes is Not For Sale.

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FAQ’s about NFS

What Does NFS Mean On TikTok?

In TikTok world, NFS means the Funny Shit means the person who is involved in the communication is not at all in a mood to listen what the other one is talking about.

What Does NFS Mean In Texting?

NFS mean in Texting is very much simple and it stands for Not For Sure.

What Does NFS/FMTC Mean?

NFS/FMTC stands for National Financial Services and Fidelity Management Trust Company. It is the type of service that is being offered by bank.

What Is An NFS Share?

Network File System (NFS) share basically allow you to transfer the file between UNIX operating systems and windows server.

Does NFS Mean New Friends?

Not really, it does not mean new friends.

Other NFS Meanings

NFS – No Funny Stuff

People use this slang word to let the other people know that they are not at all interested in hook up or dating.

NFS – No Filter Squad

It is commonly used with the hashtag (#nofiltersquad), it is mostly used by the people when they are very much confident that they need not to use any after to look better

NFS – No Filter Story

Same as that of above but it is being used in the reference of Instagram stories.

NFS – No Followers Syndrome

Some people don't enjoy the Instagram but their main purpose it to increase the number of followers so using “#nofollowerssyndrome #Nfs” means that you are here to post instagram stories for fun not to increase the Instagram followers.

NFS – Not For Sharing

This is kind of self explanatory means the person is not in mood to share whatever they are talking about.

NFS – Not Feeling Sober

Most popular acronym among the teenagers which is used by the people who have too much to drink and they are not at all feeling sober anymore


In above article we have make clear in everyone’s mind out there that what does NFS mean. NFS meaning depends upon categories it has been used like NFS meaning in texting is Not for Sure. NFS  meaning is something different in social media platforms like NFS mean in Instagram is not for sure while in field of Banking NFS meaning is Network File System. I thought that you might enjoy this post on what does NFS mean and its meaning in different fields might be clear in your mind as of now.

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