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10 Best Instagram Story Viewers in 2023

 There’s no denying that people are obsessed with Instagram. From stunning travel destinations to scrumptious food variety, this social media outlet has an army of influencers who can provide accurate information on whatever you wish to explore. 

10 Best Instagram Story Viewers in 2022

The platform is greatly adored by the masses and has 500 million daily active users globally. Crazy? Right! Launched a decade ago, it’s undoubtedly one of the most-used apps in the digital space. With the evolved design, intriguing new features, and unmatched monetization capabilities, Instagram has so much to offer. 

But wait. 

Did we mention that it enables you to share stories that stay live for 24 hours? If you want, you can save those stories as well, in the Highlights feature. But what if you want to see someone’s Instagram story anonymously? There are Instagram story viewers available for that too. 

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What are Instagram Story Viewers?

It’s a new and unique way to make content visible to a group of people. It can provide a total sum of people who’ve seen your story. Moreover, you can also see the public user names of those viewers too. One of the considerable benefits of these story viewers is that it lists your viewers in a particular order. 

The list and order aren’t ordinary. As a content creator on the platform, you can get a clear picture of who’s interested in your content, using the story viewers. Its order isn’t organized chronologically, as there’s a comprehensive algorithm behind the list. 

Instagram story viewers are online tools that allow you to view public stories without any subscription. By default, Instagram stories last for only 24 hours and notify the account holder who views their story. But in some cases, you want to get proper insight from someone's stories but never want to reveal your identity. This is where online like Instagram story viewers come in. With the use of this web tool, you can view any public account's photo, video, or other story content. You just have to simply enter the username of the account holder into the search box. This type of tool will quickly preview the Instagram stories while keeping your identity hidden. There are some other related tools as well, so let's take a look at them.

Let’s explore some of the best Instagram Story Viewers.

1) Ingramer

With a compelling Instagram logo and other useful features, you can use this social media outlet for marketing and branding purposes. And to make the most of it, you can opt for Ingramer – a great promotional and powerful way to ace marketing on social media. 

This tool is also effective, especially if you want to download photos and videos from the platform without any hassle. You can reuse the content for digital marketing. More importantly, this tool is perfect if you’re looking for a resource to build a strong customer base. 

It facilitates interaction and accessibility with messaging potential and posting, including other features, such as photo, video downloader, and AI-generated hashtags

2) Qoob Stories

A powerful yet effective tool, Qoob stories works as a mass downloader of everything that is posted on social media channels, including Instagram. These downloadable files include stories, photos, and videos. 

Moreover, you can also find an option to automate your story-saving process. Do you want to know the exciting part? With Qoob stories, you only need to add a preferred username, and it allows you to watch their stories anonymously. 

This tool also makes downloading and uploading videos or pictures easy. Rated as the best tool for personalization and user-friendly downloading options, this is one of the tools you can consider for various uses.

3) Instalkr

You can get top-rated online service functionality, using Instalkr. If you don’t have an Instalkr account, no problem. You can still access it, using your public Instagram account any minute. 

Additionally, the main selling point of Instalkr is browsing Instagram account anonymously, keeping an eye on their stories, subscriptions, likes, and comments without getting noticed by the account holder. 

This tool is also ideal to download videos and photos from any Instagram account you wish to check out. 

4) InstaDP

Are you looking for a tool that provides a streamlined approach? If so, you can try InstaDP. Of course, you will be able to download and view stories, but you can try and link up with your friends too. 

With this tool, you can find a username and navigate through a profile with ease. Moreover, it enables you to download any content and media without the account owner’s knowledge. 

As a user-friendly tool, InstaDP offers more than stories. For example, you get a chance to download photos and videos of high quality. Thanks to UI integration in the InstaDP software, as it supports quality control. 

5) Glassgram

This tool can become your next online spyware by providing an improved experience. Glassgram supports anonymous Instagram story viewers and enables users to view from the inside. 

On top of that, you can access private profiles on the outlet. Along with various interesting features, you can watch someone’s story in a hidden mode, find followers’ reactions, and read direct messages.

The spying tool also allows you to see a target’s person most liked the content. If you’re wondering that you’ll miss out on important information, Glassgram’s screenshot updates have got you covered! As they update after a few minutes. 

6) IGStories

You can use this tool to grow importance and relevance. IGStories is a part of an online marketing tool, Upleaf. It has evolved over time and features various functionalities. 

Using this tool, you can view and download stories anonymously. You can even download videos in high-quality from any account. 

IGStories enable you to share those videos and photos on other platforms, as it is a versatile tool. More importantly, if you need to market a product or service on the outlet, this tool allows you to work with Upleaf to do that. 

7) Dumpor

Easy to navigate and free of cost, this is Dumpor. Another great option to view stories on Instagram. Apart from viewing stories anonymously, you can use it for specific content or hashtags, saving it for phone and as well as desktop. 

There’s no sign-up required, and you can access the content only after a few clicks. No doubt, it’s a clutter-free application, which is appropriate to conduct any account analysis on Instagram. 

When you use it, a text box will appear, requiring you to enter the username. After this, you can use the tool and search for whatever you were looking for.

8) Anon IG Viewer

As the name suggests, this tool allows you to explore any Instagram account while maintaining privacy. No one can notice that if you’ve watched their story, which was posted only a few minutes ago. 

However, the profile you’re planning to check needs to be a public one. And you’re all set to gather the data available on the targeted profile. 

It also supports viewing stories from a web browser, even when you’re not logged in. But know that, it comes with certain limitations regarding deleted stories or posts. 

9) Blindstory

Another option on the list is Blindstory. A tool that enables you to see stories while keeping your identity hidden. Its free version comes with certain limitations, but you can always switch to the pro version to reap its maximum benefits.

Like other options, Blindstory lets you view, share,or download stories with your interpretation, so you won’t land in a trouble. One of the considerable advantages of this tool is that it downloads Instagram stories in high resolution. 

10) Storistalker 

The last option on the list is different from the rest of the mentioned Instagram story viewers. Storistalker comes with Instagram monitoring functionality and customization tools. At the same time, it allows you to view stories, posts, and profiles from a web browser. 

It comes with an option to download content. It’s also one of the tools with various innovative features that you can customize according to your requirements. 

However, Storistalker isn’t free of cost and requires you to pay for different features that you want to use. 

Final Words

There are many reasons to use Instagram anonymously, such as understanding an influencer’s reach or exploring a competitor’s profile. And to carry out this activity, you can choose from a diverse range of Instagram story viewers. 

The above-mentioned tools perform this job with perfection. Whether you want to download a story in the highest resolution or view a profile, you can find a tool that offers the features you need.

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