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How Much Should I Expect to Pay For a Website Designer?

The clients always think of one question before they reach any competent web designer. “What should I pay a web designer for the services they provide?” The main aim of clients is to get good quality websites that appeal to the users to visit them and satisfy their needs. Before investing in a website design, it’s crucial to analyze the cost of website design.

First, let’s take a detailed look at why a website is important for your business. What role does it play in making you a successful business owner?


How much should I expect to pay for a website designer

Significance of a good website

Today, it's reasonable to assume that most small businesses have websites. But have you given any thought to the significance of your small business website's design? 

Users create an opinion of your website in 0.05 seconds. Your material may be SEO-optimized with a lot of work. However, your bounce rate will rise if visitors arrive at your website and are met with inadequate design.

45% of visitors will quit your site because of poor functioning. You may prevent issues like cluttered menus and navigation bars, sluggish loading times, and errors by working with a qualified web designer.

A startling seventy-five percent of people rely on website design to determine a company's legitimacy. Have you ever opted to forego making an online purchase because the website appeared untrustworthy? You probably don't need much persuasion on this one.

Over a third of visitors will quit interacting with a website if it seems unappealing. Although aesthetics frequently take a backseat to functionality in online design, appearances are important.

The range for the response, as you might expect, is relatively broad, ranging from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Not very helpful at all?

Now that we've persuaded you of the necessity of high-quality design, we must address a crucial issue. How much does hiring a website designer cost?

Not to worry. We'll outline various price choices and describe the situations in which each is appropriate. But first, let's look at why it's crucial to comprehend website design cost and what it actually comprises.

The importance of website design expenses

So why are we even discussing the price of website design? The fact that "you're spending your money" is evident, but there's also another essential factor to take into account. You may obtain website design for nothing (or almost nothing).

Unfortunately, many small company owners and cash-strapped startups continue to proceed in this manner. However, designing your website without any knowledge of UI/UX is risky for a variety of reasons. Here are a few examples:

Bad websites have a negative impact on your business. Websites are essential for any business, as we've already stated. A website's design may directly affect your company's performance in terms of sales, advertising, brand discovery and acknowledgment, and consumer trust.

It consumes a lot of time. Have you ever spent hours trying to fix something to give up and opt to get help instead? This frequently occurs while designing websites on your own. Even if you produce something that is somewhat excellent, you will have wasted hours of your valuable time that might have been spent doing anything else.

You might wind up paying much more. Let's say you decided to create your website "just for the time being." You may need to update your website once you're ready to step up your business activities. This implies that in order to avoid alienating your current clients, you'll need to improve the website's quality while simultaneously keeping it similar to your old one. Therefore, building a website from scratch for a business might frequently be simpler and produce more significant outcomes.

It's critical to see the price of a bespoke website as an investment rather than a one-time outlay of expense.


website designer

Price-related variables for website design

Several elements are taken into consideration when estimating website design expenses for your company's online presence. So, while we'll try to offer you a general breakdown of website design costs, here are some things to keep in mind along with those approximations.

•       The degree of intricacy and personalization

•       Amount of pages

•       Location of the Web Design Company or Freelance Designer

•       Additional services in graphic design

Cost breakdown for website design by service type

Let's discuss the price of hiring a website designer now that you are aware of how project complexity affects hiring decisions. A full-time UX/UI designer makes around $80k annually.

However, since most small businesses only require website design occasionally, outsourcing website design is far more cost-effective. Here are your three possibilities.

A freelance web designer typically charges $25 per hour. However, as they sometimes require multiple modifications, some freelance designers could charge more, it is preferable to agree on the cost of the full web design project up front in this situation.

If you have the money, hiring a respected web design company is a great choice. For a single project, these web design professionals charge tens of thousands of dollars, but their services often encompass SEO optimization, site construction, and in-depth market research.

Unlimited design services are the third and unquestionably most economical choice for website design. These operate on a subscription basis, so all of your design projects are yours for a set monthly charge. This implies that you are free to change your website's appearance as much as you desire without incurring additional charges.

Final Verdict:

Usually, it will cost a few thousand dollars to create a straightforward brochure-style website. Since many designers will modify pre-existing web design templates, you're probably not seeking for a fully customized solution in this scenario.

Corporate websites that are more intricate and have several pages will range from $3,000 to $5,000. The price is often dependent on the number of pages.

The price of a fully customized website is substantially greater yet. This often includes other services like artwork or animation and starts at roughly $10,000.

Is it possible to achieve a freelancer's price point?


You can get your website developed for a friendly budget with the limitless website design services of Saad Ashraf, a professional freelance web designer in Dubai! Without any additional fees or levies, you can ensure that your website design is exactly how you want it.

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