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How to Secretly Watch Instagram Stories?

 Instagram reels and stories are a popular part of our lives, they are the leisure time for us that allows a person to post about it. Watching other Instagram stories is an urge that everybody has, to see what they are up to. 

How to Secretly Watch Instagram Stories?

At some point, everyone Creeps into other accounts be it friends, professional colleagues. There are times when you want to check their Instagram stories, without letting them know 

Stalking on social media is very easy unless that person has blocked you. 

So how do you watch others' Instagram stories without letting them know that you are stalking them? Is it even possible to do so? 

The answer is yes, as this is the most frequently asked question so today we will teach you three different ways through which you can view others' stories without letting the poster know that it was you. Incrementors digital team is always there to provide you with their guidance.

The success of each method entirely depends on how you use it.  These techniques only work if they are still your friends, and they have blocked you.

If you are trying to view private accounts stories, these methods won't work. You should be in their friends’ list to view their story as anonymous, or the account should be public, as these techniques work only if the accounts are private.

First method:

The first method to view others' stories is to use another account for viewing their stories. This is perhaps the best way to view other stories without letting them know.

Use another account, that should not be identified as yours, if you have a separate account, of an anonymous name it is perhaps the best to use it. This is the safest way to sneak peek into others’ accounts. But make sure that account shouldn't form any angle resembling yours. As they will come to know.

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Second method

The second method is the simplest hack that you can try to view others' stories on Facebook, Instagram. All you need to do is tap on the story that you want it to pause, and once the story is paused, the next thing that is to be done is just swipe left to reach the story that you wanted to view. This all process should be done slowly. 

Once you follow the above procedure you reach the Middle of both the stories, from now on you can see the stories that you wanted to see without getting registered into the viewer's list. This is by far the easiest thing you can do, but make sure to follow the steps quietly, otherwise, you will. End up telling them that you have viewed their story. This hack only works if you want a sneak-peek into others' stories. Incrementors and their Service are there to help you deal with all the issues.

Third method

Another easy way to view others' stories is to turn your phone into airplane mode. Under this method, all you have to do is open the Instagram app on your Android or iOS phone, then you can wait for a few seconds as the stories generally take some time to load. 

Once the stories are loaded, you go to your setting and turn off the airplane mode. Now head back to Instagram and watch the stories that you wanted to view. This way Instagram won't inform the person that you viewed their stories. And the person will never come to Know.

Fourth method 

Another method that you can use to view other stories is to use another web. For this, all you have to do is download and install the chrome IG story. It is a chrome extension, once installed start viewing the stories, without letting anyone know about it.  

For this, you can download the chrome IG, log in to Instagram, and view it. Or you can visit a story saver website where you can log in to Instagram I'd or else you can search for the person, the stories will be displayed then you can easily View the stories without letting them know. 

Fifth method 

This method involves the usage of an app. IOS you can download repost stories from the app store. Once you have downloaded the application, login into your Instagram account and search for the person whose stories you want to view. 

There you will find a folder of stories that are connected to those persons in the last 24 hours. All you need to do is tap on the person whose story you want to see. Further, you can also choose to repost or save the stories.

A similar app is available for Android users, they need to download blind stories from the play store. Login Instagram in the application,

You will see various profiles, search for the profile whose stories you want to view. Now tap on the view story this way the poster will never come to. Know that You viewed their story 

All these above methods are tried and tested, but make sure these methods are just for fun, make sure you shouldn't become a threat to someone's safety and security.

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