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Does My Tools Town Instagram Really Boost Likes and Followers?

As the social media fast becoming an effective branding and marketing tool nowadays, Instagram is one of the most popular platforms to benefit from it. Many Instagrammers create content in order to increase their followers, and if lucky, build a personal brand that can be monetized.

My Tools Town

In this scenario, there are two equally important factors that are needed in order to make an instagram account famous – likes, and the number of followers. Today, you’ll often find people debating who is the more popular influencer on Instagram, based on the number of people who follow them, and interact with their posted content. 

All of this takes time, time to attract people into liking your content, and eventually following your account. But not everyone has the time or patience required to do that. To that end, this article will tell you all about how you can boost the number of likes and instagram followers on your account. And you can do it all for free, with the help of the innovative My Tools Town Instagram.

Let’s take an in-depth look at what this tools offers you to take your instagram account to new heights. 

My Tools Town Instagram – What is It?


Spelled as My Tools Town or Mytools Town, it is a great website which hosts a large variety of great online tools designed to improve your social media experience. The developers that work for My Tools Town have created innovative tools that aren’t just easy to use, but are also free and intuitive.
All of the tools found on this site serve a singular purpose – to help you grow your social media accounts. And the My Tools Town Instagram works to do just that. It is designed to increase the number of followers for your account, as well as boost the number of likes on your posts. 

My Tools Town

By using this tool, you can boost your profile’s visibility, and increase the number of viewers on your instagram reels, videos and photos, stories, and more. 

What My Tools Town Has to Offer

When we talk about My Tools Town in itself, there is a lot that the website has to offer us. Besides free online tools to boost your instagram account, there are tools available for other online platforms as well. That makes it a comprehensive resource for those looking to boost their online identity on a number of social media platforms. 
Let’s take a look at what My Tools Town Instagram has to offer its users.


Completely Safe

First and foremost, with online safety and data security paramount today, My Tools Town offers a completely safe account creation process, where it specifies that none of your account details such as email or login credentials will ever be shared with third party vendors. 

Highly Credible

As it is a comprehensive tool in itself, My Tools Town Instagram does not use any third-part service in order to help you increase your followers and likes. That also helps in keeping your data secure, and away from spam marketers.


The My Tools Town Instagram is a completely free tool to use, which makes it easy for everyone and anyone to boost their instagram account’s visibility. This no-cost model is designed to make instagram fame accessible to everyone, regardless of their monetary backing. 

Unlimited Usage

And the best part about using My Tools Town Instagram is that it can be used as many times as you want. The platform follows a no-cap formula, which makes it accessible to use as many times as you. Just follow its steps, and enjoy seeing your instagram account grow.

Pros & Cons of My Tools Town Instagram – Is It Worth Using?

Well, now that you know what My Tools Town offers as a platform, let’s talk about some of its pros and cons. That is because although it offers a host of benefits to its users, they are offset by a few negatives too. 

Pros of Using My Tools Town Instagram

Before we get to the cons, let’s discuss the pros of using My Tools Town Instagram.
 You do not have to log into your instagram account to use this service.
 It has an intuitive layout, making it easy to use.
 As you can use demo accounts in order to use the service, that makes the site completely safe. 
 With its no-cap formula, you can use this service as many times as you like. 

Cons of Using My Tools Town Instagram

Now that we know the benefits of using My Tools Town Instagram, let’s discuss some of the drawbacks too. 
 This service may be geolocked in some regions, which would make it impossible to use for users in those areas. 
 There is no mobile app for this service, which makes it a little harder to use.
 There are a few bugs in some of the features, which might affect the user experience for a few people. 
 Most importantly, since Instagram does not support such services, there is a big risk involved in using My Tools Town Instagram.

How Can You Use the My Tools Town App – A Step-by-step Guide

Nowadays, people prefer using third-party apps for a lot of products, rather than using their stock app. For example, Reddit users prefer third-party app viewers over the official app, due to its complicated and buggy layout. Similarly, many users use different instagram story viewers compared to the official instagram app, due to the additional features they provide.
And if general users are trying to improve their usage experience, why wouldn’t content creators and influencers? That is why, demand for apps like My Tools Town is steadily on the rise. So, now that you’ve decided that you are going to use the My Tools Town Instagram, let’s take a step-by-step look at how you can use the platform to your benefit. 

Step 1 

My Tools Town Instagram

The first step is to go to the My Tools Town website, and select the Instagram Auto Liker service. Next, you need to enter your instagram username into the given text box, and press Search. 

Once your Instagram account is found, it will take you to your My Tools Town Dashboard. 

Step 2

My Tools Town Instagram

Once you have reached the Dashboard, the next step is to build up your credits before you can start to earn followers and likes. In order to do that, you will have to follow other users of the platform, with each follow earning you around 2 credits. 
Once you have accumulated some credits, you can redeem them however you like on the online tool.

Step 3

Once you have collected a few of those credits, you are now ready to spend them in order to boost your own Instagram account. You can use these credits to generate likes or add followers to your account. 
In order to do that, click on the “Auto Followers” button, and enter the number of followers you want to add based on the number of credits you have or want to spend. Once you have entered the number of followers desired, hit “Promote” to start the process. 

Step 4

And that is it. Once you’ve started the process, you need to wait a short time before checking your Instagram account to see your new followers. And since there is no limit to how many times you can use this service, you can repeat the steps above as many times as you want in order to grow your account. 

In Short

Social media is one of the fastest growing content medium nowadays. Everyone, from famous bloggers and vloggers to actors and actresses, athletes, chefs, and even religious leaders using different platforms to generate a following. 

And with visual media capable of garnering greater appeal, social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok are rising faster than those who follow a different or mixed model of content creation. 

Author Bio: 

Hailey Savona is a content consultant at leading content writing agency eContentSol. She has a vast experience of providing web copywriting services and content strategies. Beside this, she enjoys an occasional steak dinner.

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