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10 Unique Instagram Reels Ideas To Get Viral

 Social media is a world of true wonder. Ever since its inception and with time, it has continued to grow rapidly with each update coming up with interesting features. Out of all the social media platforms, Instagram is undoubtedly the undisputed queen of the world of social media. Motion graphics and static pictures are always a full-proof way of garnering attention and keeping your viewers hooked to screens.

Unique Instagram Reels

Instagram has both and with such fun features. Reels are one of the most fun formats of content available on social media and your mind will be blown seeing how creative people get in churning out Instagram reels nowadays.

While some people make amateurish and extremely simple Instagram reels just for fun and the fact that they help in getting a lot of traction. Some people are extremely invested in making a lot of content and putting out these snippets on Instagram as reels. In order to ace your game in making eye-catching and interesting reels, an Instagram reels is extremely important! It helps in understanding the key basics of making great reels and making sure that people look forward to watching more reels on your page.

Brand engagement and awareness of your brand can truly skyrocket if you implement these steps in making your reel stand out. All it needs is a lot of practice and patience as you slowly master your craft and start making reels with relevant content. Always make sure that when you are using reels for marketing purposes, it is essential that your content is relevant to what exactly you are trying to portray as a brand. Here is where a guide comes in terrific use.

Go on and read and find out how to use these Instagram reels ideas efficiently to you and your brand’s benefit:

1. Guide-based videos

From the time of videos going viral, when YouTube was the main platform – all these guide videos where you give out “How-to” tips to people are one of the most engaging formats of content. Try starting with content types that are short and quick. How to tips content video works really well and gets you a lot of traction. Based on their fields of interest – people put out diverse types of how-to content. While someone into fashion might put out a reel content of – “How to style the same outfit in 5 ways”, someone into gardening might put up a reel on – “How to harvest tomato seeds organically.” Therefore get clarity on what your brand’s message is and curate content accordingly.

2. Show some BTS scenes

People are always interested to see some raw footage of what goes on behind the scenes. How your brand comes to be, how the products start getting to be made and finally reaches their final form. People are always invested to know more and know better. It is one of the most effective ways of engaging your audience and has always managed to get a lot of engagement.

3. Try Getting an Animal in Your Video!

People have their hearts melting in an instance when they see animals doing cute stuff in the video. Try getting an animal just as a part of your storyline and see how your views start increasing in no time! You can just have a dog simply sitting in one frame of your reel and that will make people take attention to what your video is all about.

4. Pranks or meme videos

We are all well-versed with how well memes work. But what if we said there is a certain kind of content you can try out for your reels video that would also get an equal amount of traction. Prank Videos are hilarious and fun to watch. Considering how short these Instagram reels are – you can curate some fun and a harmless prank or meme-worthy video content and put it out as reels. People are always interested to watch more of these kinds of reels as they are humorous.

5. Keep People Intrigues With Some FOMO Content

The fear of missing out is real amidst the crowd nowadays. Put up something quite out of the ordinary on your Instagram reels – without showing too much of it. Only enough to hype your viewers in finding out more about it thus waiting for more of your reels. Maybe a great exotic place you visit or a special cuisine you tried. Make interesting reels that will leave your viewers asking for more and create FOM

6. Make Full Use of Your Talents

Reels are a great way of bringing out your creative talents. Make videos where you can show off maybe how well you paint, or sing or play an instrument or simply some quick dance moves. They are all engaging content and even better when they are incorporated into fun reels. With great transition effects, it always does manage to make people tap and watch the reel.

7. Great Video Editing

Irrespective of what content or story you finalize that works for your brand storytelling, video editing is one of the most important steps. Instagram reels are so popular because of the crazy transitions and effects that are added into the videos to make these reels look as aesthetically amazing as they look. Here is where it is important that you get someone on board who is well-versed with this style for editing and does a fine job. You can make use of some fun effects like slo-mo which is one of the most intriguing video effects.

8. Outfit Transitions

People like seeing an array of fashionable clothes being displayed and fun transitions taking place in those bite-sized video snippets. Keep it interesting by not being repetitive. One of the most interesting content formats of Instagram reels or previously, TikTok videos is how with each change of beat in the music there is a transition effect added where your outfit changes too! And it truly is entertaining to watch!

9. Bloopers are the Funniest

There’s no kidding about bloopers actually making people get into fits of laughter! These are shots from when you were trying to shoot for the Instagram reel and did not make it to the final video because of editing. Nevertheless, you can always find some funny bits from that footage that can truly make great content for your bloopers video. It works really well for Instagram reels as they are funny, short, and crisp.

10. Dancing Videos are a catch

Got some moves to show off? The views on dancing videos with some trending tunes on Instagram get you traction in minutes. The views keep increasing rapidly and are one of the easiest content ideas to start off with when you are planning to plunge into the world of Instagram reels. Now and then there are great tunes that are trending as well on IG, you can make use of them in your dance videos to have more people watch your reels.

Instagram is a whole new world to showcase your talents, and Instagram reels are only gaining more and more popularity. Here are some of the tried and tested ideas that are bound to work wonders for your Instagram reels section!

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