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Instagram Video Marketing: Things You Need to Know to Stay Ready in 2022

 Instagram boasts 1+ billion active users, and it has quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms to promote businesses. Initially, Instagram was introduced as a visual platform where people shared images to express themselves. Over the years, the platform has undergone several changes, and recently, Instagram video content has been on the rise exponentially. 

Instagram Video Marketing

Owing to the rising attention video content is getting on this social media platform, most brands have started embracing video marketing on Instagram. After all, 74% of marketers believe that video has a better ROI than static pictures. 

Before delving into the nuances of Instagram video marketing strategies for 2022 and beyond, you need to understand how to download or save Instagram videos. Wondering why? Because there's no direct method for saving videos on Instagram. While Facebook allows you to save the videos you like to watch later, there's no such option on Instagram. So, whether you wish to save your brand's Insta story that you haven't saved or download your competitor's video to inspire your marketing team, you need to use apps. For instance, you can use Pulltube to download video from Instagram Mac.

Now, read along to know how you can use Instagram videos to enhance your brand's engagement and take your business to the next level. 

What are the different types of Instagram videos marketers can use?

The first step to crafting an Instagram video marketing strategy is deciding on the type of Instagram videos that you would use to promote your brand. The different types to choose from are as follows:

● Instagram Video - Instagram combined feed videos and IGTV into one format called Instagram Video. These videos are up to sixty minutes, and creators can add captions, filters and location tags. 

● Instagram Stories - Stories are videos that last for fifteen seconds, and they disappear after twenty-four hours. Brands promote tools, products, or messages they might want to share with their audience through Instagram Stories. The use of emojis, filters, stickers and tags makes Stories interactive. Additionally, Stories can be saved in the Highlights section if you don't want them to disappear. 

● Instagram Reels - Reels is the new kid in the block and is heavily inspired by TikTok. Reels last between fifteen and thirty seconds. They are created with Instagram's camera or can be uploaded from your library. Moreover, you can add green screen mode, AR filters, GIFs, timers and more, to your Reels to make them engaging and exciting. 

● Instagram Live - Instagram Live is when an account goes live, and there is a Live icon in front of the Stories bar. The people who follow the particular account are notified about the live session. After the session has finished, you can share it for thirty days before Instagram removes it. 

Tips & tricks for Instagram video marketing 

Do you want to stand out in the feed and improve the engagement rate? If so, you must make maximum use of the available types of Instagram videos. Here are a few tricks and tips to help you communicate your value proposition to your target audience. 

● Instagram Stories 

To make the Instagram Stories videos exciting and engaging, you can use stickers. Story stickers help capture the audience's attention by making a story unique. Instagram offers myriad sticker options that you can choose from to promote your products or services. 

Some of the popular stickers that you can use are mention stickers, hashtag stickers, location stickers, question stickers, poll stickers and emoji stickers. 

Also, keep in mind that the Instagram Story you are uploading must be creative, original and short. It must have a consistent flow so your audience can easily comprehend the content. 

● In-feed Instagram videos

On Instagram, the in-feed videos are played automatically without sound on. If the viewer wants, they can tap the video to hear the sound. 

Typically, in-feed videos are seen by viewers as they are scrolling through. Therefore, the video must be direct and short. The ideal length of this type of video is under thirty seconds and a maximum of sixty seconds. It is vital to keep the video short because Instagram users are used to watching short videos. 

Furthermore, the video content must be focused on your customers, so they find it interesting. You can even make the video interactive by replying to comments. 

● Instagram ads

Instagram video ads are those that are posted specifically for advertising purposes. Generally, they work well for brands with an active presence in a specific niche, such as home decor, fashion, beauty or fitness. 

You can create the ad on your smartphone and upload it to your Instagram business account. However, since most people use Instagram on their phones, you must ensure the ad looks terrific on a smartphone. 

Your brand or product must be introduced within the first few seconds of the ad. Also, don't forget to use captions because Instagram plays videos by default without sound on. 

● Instagram IGTV

If you plan to publish long videos, Instagram IGTV videos are the ideal way, and the first step is to choose an IGTV cover picture that stands out and grabs the viewers' attention. The image should tempt the viewers to click on your video. 

The only way to make your IGTV channel famous and pull in a crowd is to create videos according to the needs and wants of your followers. You must also edit your videos and include text because not everyone will be listening to your video.

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When you are promoting your products or services on Instagram, creating and uploading videos is one of the best ways to attract the attention of your target audience. Ensure to always come up with fresh content and keep it direct to the point. In a short time, you'll be able to drive engagement and sales. 

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