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Devising New Email Marketing Campaigns Post Pandemic for Enterprises

 Change is the only constant, a quote that seems relevant to the world of email marketing as well. The email campaigns that worked wonders in the pre-Covid days are likely to vanish at a blink of an eye in the post pandemic era.

New Email Marketing Campaigns Post Pandemic

Many factors are responsible for this. For instance, the majority of people have tested positive for Covid and spent heavily towards medicines and hospital bills. The affordability factor is popping up in my head time and again. People have lost their jobs and businesses have come to a standstill.

Amidst this for people to feel the “need” to buy your product or service, you have to focus on need creation followed by friendly reminders. Your email campaign needs to revolve around this ideology.

How should you differentiate your email marketing campaign in the Post Pandemic Era?

●Competing with competitors is a thing of the past:

When drafting emails for your email marketing campaigns, you need to think over and above your rivals. After experiencing a great deal of turmoil owing to the pandemic, the last thing the customer wants from you is how you are doing better than your competitor.

What your audience would like to know is what efforts you are taking to improve customer experience. The next time you shoot an email; let your audience know what it is that you have in it for them.

● Relationship Building is the end:

It must be forever since when you must be hearing about how the customer is the king. With this in mind, you must have focussed on developing relationships with your audience.

What you need to take note here is that relationship building is not a one-time exercise. It is an on-going process.

In the pre-Covid era, you must have known that relationships are important. However, in the post pandemic days, relationships are the “only” thing, which are most important.

●There’s a fine line between Nagging and Reminding:

In the pre-Covid days, it is quite possible that you kept reminding your audience about your existence. You must have mistakenly bombarded them with so many emails that they chose to leave.

In the post-Covid scenario, buyers have become very impulsive. They do take decisions at the drop of the hat. If they decide to leave, they will leave right away. Thus, your focus should be on reminding over nagging.

For instance, you can use different abandoned cart emails to remind the customer that they have left midway. This can act as a trigger to close the sale.

● What they want over What you provide:

During the pre-pandemic days, your audience must have been open to the idea of trial and error. Let us say, the spending capacity was higher back then.

Even now, the spending capacity may not have necessarily collapsed. However, people have gotten choosier and mindful about the purchases they make.

If you wish to tap on this thinking, then the crux of your email marketing campaign should be more around what is in it for your audience. Move away from what you want to provide to what it is that they want.

● Back great Values:

During the pre-Covid stage, most marketing campaigns revolved around backing their respective products and services. Customers identified brands with their offerings. This was the starting point towards closing sales.

However, things are moving in the opposite direction in the post Covid era. Your target audience no longer wishes to identify you with your products. Their inclination lies in understanding your brand tone and vision. Your audience wants to know the values that you stand for.

Thus, when you start working on your email marketing campaign, make sure it all begins and ends with the values you back. Engaging a professional for deriving email management services would further minimize your role.

Revamp your email campaigns in line with the post Covid demands:

All this while, if you have been introducing your products and services to your audience through email marketing campaigns, but they have failed to reap results, especially in the post Covid-19 days, then it is quite possible that you are moving in the wrong direction.

If you are sticking to the email campaign that was relevant in the pre-Covid days, then that is where modification is needed.

You can hire the services of an expert professional to draw emails that your audience will connect even in the post pandemic scenario. Make sure you engage an email marketing services provider, who is well versed with the industry trends and requirements.

While you focus on your core activities, you will see how the professional has come up with a campaign that is able to strike the right chords with your audience. This done right, you do not have to worry about converting your target audience.

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