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Impact Of Pandemic On Digital Marketing

Before Jan 2020, everything was going at its pace, in its own style. But the Covid-19 has changed everything. Due to lockdown both work and social life got disrupted. Children were not allowed to go to school, working professionals were asked to work from home. There was a spike in anxiety as no one was prepared for this.

Impact of pandemic on digital marketing

Whether it’s organizations like WHO, world leaders, business owners- discussions were going on how to tackle this situation.

But, as there is a famous saying-” The Show must go on”.

Then there comes a solution to all these problems and i.e. Digital Transformation. Due to Covid-19, consumer behavior has changed at breakneck speed. Whether it’s buying groceries, taking classes, consulting patients everything has become possible due to digital platforms.

But what about Marketers?

The stores’ shutters were down, the budget of marketing was cut off. Hundreds of people lost their jobs. These all have created a huge negative impact on the market.

But Digital Marketing proved to be a savior. Digital Marketing can be defined as any sort of advertising the products and services online. Due to covid-19, the changes that would have taken place in digital marketing in the next 5 years, have already taken place in this one year. 

There are various methods by which Digital Marketing can be done:

● Social media marketing via Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter etc..

● Search Engine.

● Email-marketing.

● Blogging.

● SMS marketing.

● Pay-per-click marketing.

● Press release.

● Inbound marketing.

So businesses can select a preferred method of marketing suitable to their products or services. 

Advantages of Digital Marketing:

1.) Easy to target the right audience:

In Traditional marketing, advertisements are done via TV, radio, billboards, etc. The main disadvantage of this method is that the ads are being displayed to the people whether they are interested or not.

But Digital marketing allows us to show our ads to only targeted audiences. For instance, Facebook ads help to target the buyers according to their demography, age, gender, behavior, interests, income, etc. Therefore it has become very easy to get more conversions.

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2.) Optimization of Campaign:

In traditional marketing, there are very limited methods of campaigning (TV announcements, using posters, holding rallies) and once it starts, it cannot be altered till the campaign gets over.

Whereas in Digital marketing, there is a wide variety of campaigns. Some of them are listed below:

● Reach

● Brand awareness

● Traffic

● Conversion

● Lead generation

● Messaging.

Digital marketing allows us to choose a specific campaign. It is also very easy to track, whether the campaign is running successfully or not. If a campaign is not giving desired results, then it can be altered or terminated at any time.

3.) Cost-effective:

The budget of adverts plays an important role in marketing. The big companies have large budgets for their campaigns therefore it was very difficult for small businesses to compete with them. Moreover, Traditional marketing does not allow to make any changes in budget amid a campaign.

Whereas in Digital marketing, a budget can be altered at any phase of the campaign. After tracking the result of campaigns, the one which is performing better, its budget can be increased or vice-versa.

4.) Results are trackable:

In Traditional marketing, it is not possible to track the sources of buyers i.e. they have come via tv ads, radio ads, newspaper ads, or any other way. It’s also not possible to track the success of any campaign at the early stage.

Whereas in Digital marketing, it is very easy to track the reports of campaigns, buyers’ journey, sources, locations, age, gender, the pages they are visiting more frequently, the products they are liking the most, whether they have completed the purchase or not? Everything can be acquired by the various tools available online for eg. Google Analytics.

5.) Target worldwide audience:

In Traditional marketing, if your budget is low then you won’t be able to target the people across your city or state. This results in huge losses in business and small businesses cannot make much money out of it.

Whereas Digital marketing allows big as well as small businesses to target the right audience worldwide. A person sitting in a small, remote village can also sell his/her products anywhere across the globe via Digital marketing. Now the budget is not the issue to run a campaign or to increase the reach.

6.) Easy to connect with customers:

In Traditional marketing, it is not easy for business owners to get connected with their consumers. If a consumer has any query, then there is no source by which they can resolve the issue.

Whereas Digital marketing provides a better opportunity to connect with buyers through the Q&A section or customer service section on their site.

In today’s era, every business whether it’s small or big is shifting towards Digital Marketing. Otherwise, they would be left far behind their rivals and may even risk becoming obsolete. So to be in trend, entrepreneurs are transforming their conventional method of trading into this new age of the Digital world. One of the best digital marketing agencies in Indore helps various small as well as big firms to flourish their businesses via various social media channels.

During the pandemic, the advantages of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing help businesses as well as common people to survive and meet their essential needs.

Every problem is a gift - without problems, we would not grow.                                                                                                -Anthony Robbins

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