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How Can I Save My iPhone Lightning Cable from Breakage?

iPhone smartphones are known for their premium, elegant, and sleek design. Not only the shape but the durable and robust body is also a distinguishing feature.Apple smartphones have set a standard all over the world.People love to have them and make huge investments to buy them. But, on the other hand, the iPhone lightning cable, sometimes cast a slur upon its name because the cable is easily prone to breaking and damage.


How to save iPhone Lightning cable from breakage

Almost every iPhone user has experienced the malfunctioning of the proprietary iPhone charger cable after a few weeks of use. The cable is too sensitive to use withstand regular wear and tear. Even sometimes, some iPhone users complained that lightning was stuck into the charging port of their smartphone. It was a new challenge to pull it out so that they could knit another charging cable to power up their phone.

But there are a few ways to follow that will help you enhance the longevity of your cable  to some extent.  Here, we’re going to brief some of them. Repair would be possible whether it would be Macbook repair Dubai or iPhone lightning cable.

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Fold Your Cable Neatly

People normally have a bad habit of throwing their cable away after they’ve powered up their devices to the required level.That’s not fair. This behaviour spoils the cable as this lead to tangling as well as twisting of the cable. On the other hand, some people make a coil after folding the cable and knot it at the end so that it can not spread again. But this isn’t fair either.

In this way, the lightning cable bends that lead to the splitting of the cable and the cable doesn’t remain able to charge your device. While, if you think sanely the best and ideal way is to coil the cable and tuck it into loops carefully.There will be no bending, twisting, and tangling keeping your cable safe from breaking.

Plugin and Plugout Carefully

The cables are delicate and require soft handedness while plugging in and plugging out. If you’re kind to them then they will serve you for a long time without breaking. The longevity of the cable is in your hands for somewhat. So, don’t use clumsy hands when you’re going to connect the cable to your smartphone or you’re going to remove it after charging your phone.

Some people force the cable into the charging port in a hurry that makes the cable break earlier leaving them deprived of charging and making them break the bank on another one. So, be wise, be nice, and enjoy the cable for say lifetime. If there is any issue with the cable then you can easily reach cable or Laptop Repair service in Dubai, India or other countries as repair centers are available everywhere.

Prevent Extra Bending

Bending is one the most usual reason that leads to the breaking and damage of the cable. People still don’t care about bending and stretching their charging cables that will ultimately split or fray their outer covering. When the inner side is exposed the cable becomes dangerous to use.

It’ll be wise to connect your lightning cable carefully to your smartphone. Don’t let the extra bending of the cable destroy your cable. It’s possible if you pay a little attention when you’re going to connect it to your phone.

Avoid Using Phone While Charging

People start using their phones while the phone is still on charge. This makes the cable bend as well as stretch to reach your desired place. Ultimately the delicacy of the cable will be intruded and you’ll end up fraying and destroying your own cable with your own hands.

This not only breaks the cable at the junction point when you move around while your mobile phone is connected to the cable but also reduces your iPhone’s battery life. Hence, it’s proved that using your mobile phone while charging isn’t a good habit. You need to avoid this bad behaviour if you want to keep using it for a long time.

Buy a Lightning Cable With Reinforced Joints

The last and only solution to this problem is to get a cable that has reinforced junction points when you’ve spoiled your previous proprietary cable. A cable is most likely to break at its joints when it’s bending, twisting, and tangling. But if you buy a cable that has a special protective design at the joints then your cable will withstand regular wear and tear. 

In this way, the longevity of the cable is enhanced and you can use it for a longer time without breaking. There’re hundreds of cables out there that have a protective layer of rubber on their joint to keep them safe.

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So, if you’re conscious about your Apple lightning cable then these tips and tricks will prove to be a lifesaviour for you. You just have to follow these tips carefully. The lightning cable will last longer than before. Moreover, you don’t need to break the bank on the other third-party lightning cable as you’ll have the original cable with you.

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