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Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

The iPhone 13 Pro Max may look generally equivalent to its archetype, the 12 Pro Max, however it gets some BIG changes in the engine that may very well make it the most astonishing overhaul of the iPhone 13 series. 

iPhone 13 Pro Max

A gigantic expansion in battery size, 120Hz ProMotion show that is more splendid than at any other time, three all new cameras with extravagant new components, and... did we make reference to the MASSIVE expansion in battery life? It's to be sure really great, however we should begin by laying out the critical new elements for the iPhone 13 Pro Max and how they analyze against the 12 Pro Max.

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Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max  vs Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max  Specs Comparison


iphone 13 pro Max

iphone 12 pro Max


2021, September 24

2020, November 13


6.7" 1284x2778 pixels

6.7" 1284x2778 pixels


Apple A15 Bionic (5nm)

Apple A14 Bionic (5nm)


6 GB



128/256/512 GB

128/256/512 GB


12 MP

12 MP,

12 MP

12 MP, (wide),

12 MP,(telephoto),

12 MP


240 g (8.47 oz)

228 g (8.04 oz)


6.7 inches

6.7 inches




Display and Design

One of the most interesting new components on the iPhone 13 Pro Max is a showcase update. The screen size and goal are by and large equivalent to last year: a 6.7-inch OLED board with a goal of 1284 x 2778 pixels, however what's happening is that Apple SmartPhone is at long last presenting 120Hz ProMotion for very smooth looking on the 13 Pro Max. Past iPhones run at 60Hz, which essentially implies that the screen revives multiple times each second contrasted with multiple times on the new model, and this quicker invigorate rate causes everything to seem smoother when you collaborate with the screen. This is nothing to joke about and certainly puts forth a major defense for purchasing a Pro iPhone versus the non-Pro models which will in any case run at 60Hz. Face ID is likewise still here, yet this time you have a 20% more modest size for the score that presently gets less in the manner on the 13 Pro Max. 

On the arrangement side, no critical changes have the same level sides, same by and enormous look, but the apple iphone 13 Pro Max may be a bit thicker and a touch heavier. That really could be an enormous deal: the 12 Pro Max was extremely profound at 228g, and therefore the 13 Pro Max weighs 240g. That basically could also be nothing to joke about: the 12 Pro Max was very weighty at 228g, and therefore the 13 Pro Max weighs 240g.

Battery and Charging

While all iPhone 13 models get some type of a battery help, the iPhone 13 Pro Max gets the greatest one. What's more, this one is genuinely amazing! 

Apple doesn't uncover the specific battery limit with regards to the iPhone 13 Pro Max, yet a documenting with a battery enlistment center Chemtrec uncovers the specific sizes. The Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max is leaned to have a 4,373mAh battery versus a 3,687mAh cell on the apple  iPhone 12 Pro Max. That is an expansion of almost 20%! 

● iPhone 13 Pro Max — 25 hours 

● iPhone 12 Pro Max — 12 hours 

Indeed, that is twofold the battery life while web based video, which sounds crazy, yet is by and large the thing Apple is promising us! We can't hold on to test this out! 

On the charger front... all things considered, no charger in the case, once more. Shockingly, even this "quick charger" isn't exactly just about as quick as you get with different telephones, just maximizing at 20W.


The iPhone 13 Pro Max accompanies three every new camera. Here is the manner by which they look at agains the cameras on the iPhone 12 Pro Max: 

● Wide (primary) camera: 26mm on both, f/1.5 opening on 13 Pro Max versus f/1.8 gap on 12 Pro Max. 

● Super wide camera: 13mm on both, f/1.8 opening on 13 Pro Max versus f/2.4 gap on 12 Pro Max. 

● Fax camera: 3X zoom, or 77mm on 13 Pro Max versus 2.5X zoom on 12 Pro Max. 

The iPhone 13 Pro Max wide camera currently catches up to 2.2X all the more light around evening time for both photographs and recordings, and the super wide camera gets up to 92% all the more light, so enormous enhancements here as well. 

Another element on the 13 series is called Photographic Styles. This is fundamentally photograph filers on steroids: you can do nearby alters progressively and you can see the outcomes solidly in the view locater. You can pick a more lively look, or an alternate style, and you can have the iPhone recall that individual inclination you have and use it across all your photographs. 

You can now additionally catch full scale photographs on the 13 Pro and Pro Max because of the new super wide camera that has another auto-center framework that permits to concentrate a good ways off as close as only 2cm for unimaginable close-ups. This equivalent element applies for video too where you can record full scale video.

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New Apple A15 chip

Apple has the lead in execution in the cell phone space, and the new Apple A15 Bionic chip in the iPhone 13 Pro Max is by and by be the quickest in the business. You get enhancements in CPU, GPU and AI execution, just as camera ISP upgrades. 

Unusually, this year, Apple SmartPhone doesn't do an immediate examination in speeds between the A15 versus A14 chips, yet it rather looks at the A15 against Android rivals, which is a bit weird. We will stand by out to perceive what's the distinction in execution contrasted with the past iPhone. 

Up until now, it is said that Apple has knock the CPU recurrence up from 2.99GHz on the A14 to 3.22GHz on the A15, which gives an under 10% increment in CPU execution, and the organization has additionally supported the store which improves multi-center execution. 

On the GPU side, we are seeing greater additions. The new iPhone Pros with the Apple A15 Bionic scored 14,216 focuses on the Geekbench Metal designs test, contrasted with 9,123 for the iPhone 12 family, and 7,338 focuses for the iPhone 11 series. That is almost 55% improvement, a greater jump than you may have anticipated.

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