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Different Types of Influencers You Should Know About

These days, brands cannot rely on any medium of marketing. Based on the product niche, the marketing budget has to be divided into various streams for ensuring optimum return on investment. One prominent marketing stream that gets a lion’s share of the marketing budget is influencer marketing. It is estimated that brands get more than five times the amount they spend on getting relevant influencers to promote their wares.

Marketing with the help of influencers is one of the best ways to get the message across and gather genuine leads. Nowadays, searching for the fittest influencers for your brand is not difficult either, thanks to influencer marketing platforms. However, there is no one-size-fits-all type solution in influencer marketing. In this article, we are going to see the various types of influencers available on social media.

By number of followers

Nano influencers (1000-10,000 followers)

Having less than 10k followers has its benefits. Firstly, they are very well engaged with their followers. This gives marketers a bigger opportunity to target the right audience. Secondly, these influencers can be used to promote products for more than one post. This way, they can become vocal advocates for the product. Such influencers are ideal for small and mid-sized businesses.

Micro Influencers (10,000-100,000 followers)

Though they have a wider reach than nano influencers, they are seen as a force to be reckoned with. High engagement rates offered by these influencers are ideal for businesses looking to expand. Just as nano influencers, marketers can get them to promote their products not just with one post but with a carefully planned out marketing strategy.

Micro influencers are a great basis for most solid marketing strategies, but aiming for the best micro influencers should be the goal of any marketer that wants to effectively scale his campaign. 

Macro influencers (100,000- 1 million followers)

These influencers consist of mainly internet-made celebrities, models, YouTubers, podcasters, and the like. These influencers have worked hard to grow and nurture their followers from scratch. Although they have a low engagement rate, they are reliable for marketers to push products throughout the country and the world. Newer brands can take the help of macro-influencers to target a wider audience.

Mega influencers (1 million+ followers)

These are celebrities and other eminent personalities that are very well known. These influencers can help to spread the word to a broad audience. Marketers with large budgets can use these influencers to promote products that have mass appeal. Usually, large established brands or foreign brands aiming to enter the market use the services of mega influencers.

By type of Niche


There are various types of gaming influencers- game reviewers, tutorials, walkthroughs, challengers, etc. These influencers live-stream their games, getting millions of followers. Many look forward to this to improve their gaming and know more about it. Gamers in these sub-niches can promote many related products- games, merchandise, food, etc.

Fitness Enthusiasts

Like gamers, these too cover various sub-niches- yoga, running, cross-fit, weightlifting, weight loss tips, and so on. Fitness influencers act as motivators to their followers. That’s why many sports and fitness brands look to these influencers to promote their products.


These are the most popular types of influencers out there. They generally have a large number of followers throughout social media and their websites. Many of them work within a niche. These influencers ensure their content is SEO-friendly and can be very helpful to get high traffic backlinks, genuine leads, and improve sales.


These professionals come under various brackets- nano to mega influencers. Most photography-related brands use these photographers to promote their products like editing software, lenses, cameras, etc.


Travel influencers also have various sub-niches- business. Many of these offer travel hacks, tips, and tricks. They help people plan their trips according to local rules and other factors. Marketers in the tours and travels niche approach them to promote their products.

Beauticians/ beauty influencers

Popular with women, beauty influencers share grooming tips, product reviews, how-to-use instructions, and much more. Beauty influencers could be anyone- salon owners, models, the girl next door, etc. There are many products these influencers could promote- no wonder they are the darling of many marketers. 


Fashion influencers help promote clothes, shoes, jewelry, watches, and other accessories. They review products and give styling tips. Influencers in this domain could be any teenager or college student giving fashion tips, a middle-aged woman explaining fashion to her peers, or even random anonymous individuals reviewing shoes or jewelry.


Parenting is a whole science in itself. Parenting influencers review products, give parenting tips, and share their own experiences being parents. These influencers can promote a wide range of products- baby products, toys, children’s clothes, education services, and so on.


Influencers in the market are of many types. You can get one based on your budget and niche. However, you will need to do a thorough background check before finalizing anyone- there are many people who you cannot trust online. 

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