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Facetime Icon Aesthetic | Download Aesthetic FaceTime Icon for iPhone on iOS 14 & iOS 15

As a Mac user I am very much impressed with features and functionalities that Apple offers Facetime is one of them but one thing that I really don't like is Facetime icon color. 

Apple is quiet tough to handle in comparison to android and other OS as there you can change the complete look and feel of your homescreen as per your choice but here you can't. But now with iOs 14 update it is not more an issue as .

Give the festive touch to your iPhone home screen with the colorful and aesthetic FaceTime Icon. Feel the spirit of events with the vibrant color apps in Smartphones. Since Facetime is all time favorite of Apple users and around 90% of the Apple users make use of this wonderful app you would surely love to get Facetime Icon Aesthetic for your iOS 14 & iOS 15 home screen.

Facetime Icon Aesthetic

With the new update of iOS 14, Apple has been providing additional features to the users if which they can customize the home screen in the way they want by using different widgets. We here at Techy Gossips provide you the huge collection of Facetime aesthetic icons that will surely give a new look to your iOS. Facetime Icon Aesthetic including different colors like aesthetic pink, blue, yellow, black and more colors, you can choose the color of your choice without even spending a single penny, you can visit Technographx for more details.

Steps to change Facetime Icon

There are some people who are happy with the default settings of the phone but there are some who want to try something new even I consider myself in list of those people as I also want to try new things always. These are the steps that you can follow to get new Facetime icon aesthetic for your iPhone homescreen.

  • Open the Facetime Application.
  • Right click on your Facetime app and choose the option of show packages content.
  • Navigate and try to find out the file that contains resources, contents and FaceTime.icns.

  • Click my.icns file or you can choose the one that you have created.
  • Replace FaceTime.icns with the new file and make sure to give it a name as FaceTime.icns.

  • Now go back to your Facetime app in application folder and press the option "get info".
  • Add an image on get info window or you can simple drag the image or paste t over there.
  • Now you will not see a new icon but a file icon. Highlight the thumbnail and simply press the delete button.

  • Notification will send to the finder to get back to the default Facetime icon. 

These are the steps by following which you can change your Facetime icon and provide it an aesthetic look.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blue Facetime Icon?

It is not out of this world that you can't understand but just a color given to the Facetime icon as per the preference of people. Some people prefer to have pink aesthetic Facetime icon.

How to change Facetime app icon?

For this you have to press and need to hold the icon until pop up will appear and there you are required to select the edit option.

Download Facetime Icon Aesthetic For iOS 14 & iOS 15 on iPhone

Pink Icon

Facetime icon aesthetic pink

Facetime icon aesthetic pink

Facetime icon aesthetic pink

Facetime icon aesthetic pink

Facetime icon aesthetic blue

Facetime icon aesthetic blue

Facetime icon aesthetic blue

Facetime icon aesthetic blue

Facetime icon aesthetic blue

Green Facetime Icon

Facetime icon aesthetic green

Facetime icon aesthetic green

Purple Facetime Icon Aesthetic

Facetime icon aesthetic purple

Facetime icon aesthetic purple

Facetime icon aesthetic purple

 Facetime Neon Logo  Aesthetic

Neon Facetime icon aesthetic

Neon Facetime icon aesthetic

Neon Facetime icon aesthetic

Wrap Up:

Here you go with Facetime icon aesthetic. I have thoroughly mention the steps by following which you can customize your Facetime icon as per your choice. I even answered few questions in FAQ's section above.

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