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9 Essential Questions To Ask Your Web Designer

To create a successful website, you should know the key to its success lies in good communication with your web designers. You must ask your web designer the right questions to ensure your projects go as smoothly as possible. But what questions should you be asking? With advice from a successful Chicago web design and development company, Alpha Efficiency, we will provide you with the essential questions to ask your web designer. This will help you navigate the web design and development process more effectively.

9 essential questions to ask your web designer

What does your design process look like?

Understanding your web designer's work process is one of the most important things when hiring a designer. It would help if you asked them to summarize their workflow from scratch to the finalized product. That will give you more insight into their approach and expected finishing time. 

Can you provide examples of your previous work?

One of the first things you should ask designers is to provide examples of their previous work. Always review your designer's portfolio before employing them to work on your website to better understand their skill and style. Ask them for a broader and more diverse range of projects to see if their past work suits your vision and project.

How do you create a user-friendly website?

Another question you should ask your web designer about their user experience (UX) approach. Successful websites should be user-friendly, including user research, information architecture, and usability testing. Consider employing web designers with a good record of creating a website with proper user expectation records.

Can you make a mobile responsive website?

The UX question should open up the topic of mobile responsiveness. Today, most site visitors access websites through their mobile devices, so a mobile-responsive website is crucial. Ensure that your designer has a good tactic for adapting your site to different screen sizes and devices so that everyone who visits your site has an optimal viewing experience.

How will you incorporate SEO strategies?

While all these questions are fundamental and helpful to get insight into your web designer, one of the most important ones is its SEO incorporation into the website design. A successful website must incorporate SEO and landing pages best practices, so this step is absolutely crucial! Your website will be useless if it can't be found, so discuss the designer's plan for incorporating search engine optimization best practices, including on-page SEO elements and site structure.

Are you able to handle change requests?

If the work on your site is fluid and prone to constant changes and updates, you will need to discuss the revision process to understand better how your designer can handle and manage changes. Make sure to state the number of revisions included in the project and ask about the cost of additional changes in case they may be needed during the building process.

What is your approach to web security?

One often forgotten and overlooked topic is the web designer's approach to website security. As website security is critical, you must ask your designer about its strategies for keeping your site safe from internet threats and data breaches. Ask them about firewalls, SSL certificates, and general updates.

Do you provide ongoing support?

You should discuss the continuous support and maintenance service you need after the website goes up. Every website requires ongoing support and maintenance, so ask your web designer about their plans for post-launch support. This most commonly includes software updates, constant backups, and troubleshooting services if issues appear unexpectedly.

How much do you charge for your services?

Finally, when you have successfully interviewed your web designer about all the burning questions regarding the future of your website, the only thing left to ask is the price of their work. As for every service and product you can buy, transparency in pricing is essential. Ask the web designer for a detailed breakdown of all the costs and prices to ensure no surprises along the project. 

Final thoughts

Building and establishing a solid and prosperous relationship with your web designer is essential. These questions can help you choose a new web designer or develop a productive strategy with your current designer. Communication is vital to any business relationship, so feel free to ask for an explanation and direction on any aspect of the project, not just the questions we provided. Doing this will ensure your website will have a much higher chance of being successful and professionally made.

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