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Top Benefits of Using Video in Digital Marketing for Your Business

 Someone has rightly said that an image is worth a thousand words. Just multiply it by another thousand to know the worth of a Video. This is the basis of Digital Marketing, a powerful marketing form that keeps the audience hooked with your marketing campaign. A recent study has found that promoting your product through video leads to a 144 per cent increase in purchases. That's why more than 90% of marketing strategists today consider video marketing as an important marketing strategy. According to Statista, the Digital media market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of over 40 per cent in India. 

Video in Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing? 

Digital Marketing is that through which you promote your product and tell people about your products and services digitally. It is done through texts, photos, or videos. Whether it is any social media platform - YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or live stream, it is clear that video content makes the audience engaged with your product and services. Video helps you to get a better reach. If you do digital marketing well, it will keep you ahead of your competitors. Digital Marketing includes social media marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), YouTube Marketing, email marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC), apps marketing, native marketing, etc. 

Why is Digital marketing so important today? 

Change is the law of nature. Earlier, people used to spend most of their time on farming, television, and radio. But today, everyone is seen spending time on social media. In the present era, the contribution of Digital Marketing has increased a lot. Customers search the Internet about the product before buying it. Today, people want to get the goods sitting at home, and that has increased the demand for Online Marketing. We can understand the importance of digital marketing from the following points

1. Help to reach more people in less time

2. Help to rank higher in search

3. Help to promote products for less money 

4. Help to reach the target audience

5. Help to generate leads

6. No running for traditional marketing

7. Help to grow popularity across different platforms

8. Help you get more engagement

9. Available anywhere, anytime

How to use video in digital marketing

Video marketing has come to rule the market. As such, the sooner you start video marketing, the sooner you will get success. 

If you want to use video for your digital marketing strategy, then you must understand what type of video will be good for your customer. After deciding your objective and goal for your marketing campaign, you can create your own video using any of the online video maker tools that fit your need or budget. There are different video maker tools available online; you can choose the type according to your business and the kind of videos you want to make. Here are some ideas on different types of videos you can try: 

Explainer video: The main goal of an explainer video is that you can educate your audience about your product or service. You can make a video by making a presentation or slide and can add add subtitles to video. In this type of video, you can talk about the customer's problem and finally give its solution. With this, your customers will be able to know about your product and service.

How-to video: How-to videos are one of the most popular types. In this, you can tell your customer how they can use the product to make things simpler or easier for themselves. 

Customer Testimonials Video: If you already have customers who use your products and services, you can make testimonial videos. Upload it on your website and your YouTube channel. It will increase the trust factor. 

Demo Videos: In this type of video, you can show an unboxing video, walkthrough, and other related videos. 

Personalised Video Message: When you get a lead and they use your service or product, you can send them a personalised video message to further promote your other products/services.

Live Videos: You can use live videos to promote your business and interact with customers. This will help them identify with your brand better. You can also conduct webinars and answer questions that the consumers might have regarding the product and services.

Interview Video: Interview videos will bring authenticity to the marketing message. The interviewee can be the CEO of the company, a customer, an employee, a partner, a supplier, or a social media influencer.

Whatever type of video you choose, make sure to promote your videos in the best possible ways. An example is to convert video to text and post the transcript on your website. By doing so, you will be able to get traffic from organic Google searches.

What are the benefits of video marketing?

When you use video to promote your product or service to people and engage with people on social media and other digital channels, it is called video marketing. According to a recent study, it has been found that video increases brand awareness by 70%, increases traffic by 51%, and increases sales by 34%. Today, most businesses use videos to engage with their clients and attract audiences to their products. Video is not only used for entertainment but also for learning and taking information from it 90% of consumers help in the video to buy any product. Here are some of the benefits of video marketing: 

1. Customer conversion rate is high in video marketing: According to a report, of the customers who want to buy something online, 57% of them want to see video reviews and want to know about that product. If you have a product or service, you can make how-to videos, explainer videos, and pros & cons videos and upload them on your website and YouTube channel for high conversion.

2. Video marketing gives excellent performance in SEO: With the help of videos, you can increase your click-through rates, open rates, and conversion. This will lead to an overall increase in your Search Engine ranking. You can promote your products and services through videos as they can bring in a lot of traffic to the website and increase its ranking. 

3. Videos can build relationships between a product and customer: You can use video marketing in your business to showcase your products and services, which will lead to high conversion. You can keep videos of testimonials to win the trust of customers. Videos with good content can drive engagement and communication with customers. 

4. Videos get forwarded and shared: If you upload a video on any social media handle - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube - it gets shared and reshared multiple times. In this way, videos reach millions of people. 

With lots of Benefits, video is an essential factor to consider for any marketing plan. It can increase conversion rate, drive sales, and help to gain visibility on social media. So, it is important to polish your skills on an online video editor and start posting to increase your brand reach. 

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