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How to Build Quality Links: 5 Wonderful Ways

 Backlinks, every website is running after backlinks. Right? And they should! After all, backlinks are critical ranking criteria for all search engines, including Google. So, if your website doesn't have enough quality backlinks, ranking higher or getting more traffic for your website becomes a bit tricky.

Quality Links

You might wonder, especially if you are new to the field of blogging and SEO, why does backlink matter so much? 

The answer is quite simple:

●When other sites link to your website for any reason, it shows trustworthiness. It shows that you are providing valuable content with expertise in the field.

●Search engines take this as a vote of confidence and hence you get higher ranking and traffic.

● And do not forget, backlinks also help with brand building.

However, to do so, you need to build quality backlinks, and in this blog, we share some ways to acquire quality backlinks.

❖ Guest posts/blogs

One of the best ways to get quality backlinks is through guest postings. It is the practice of writing and contributing content to another high-quality website. The exchange is your content versus a link back to your website. You get to include a link in the author bio section or the content tactfully when citing information through guest posts. If you do this correctly, the results are magnificent. However, using poor content without abiding by the guidelines of the recipient website may not yield any results.


● Search for high-quality websites to contribute guest posts relevant to your business and field.

● Provide quality content that is helpful to the reader and adds value to the site

● Ensure that the content is fresh and SEO-driven.

This all might seem tricky to you, so it is always better to reach out to guest posting services provider companies. They can help you get quality backlinks for your website. 

❖ Create ultimate guides

Our goal is to build quality backlinks, and a proven way to do that is by publishing an ultimate guide. A guide is a well-written article that exceeds 2k words. How does it help with backlinks?

Well, it has all the information about the topic that many readers are looking for on a single page. Thus, everyone will use references or statistics from your content, and your page will get quality backlinks.

To create ultimate guides, follow these tips:

● Find a suitable topic

● Create an outline for the topic

● Write in detail about the topic without any apprehension.

❖ Skyscraper content to the win

Skyscraper content can help you get better backlinks and shares. To do this, you need to follow a few simple steps:

● Use your keyword to perform a search on Google or Bing. Now, the first result that comes up is your target.

● Read it thoroughly and understand the content. Now, create ten times better content than the one you just saw. Your content should be long and include any point that the article is inspiring you missed.

● It will put your content ahead of the competition, and with proper SEO, you will get more backlinks and shares.

● Also, check the backlinks of the content you are targeting. Determine the links that are relevant for your piece and contact the editor. Let them know about your piece, which is better and updated and ask them to link back to your page.

● A pro tip? Do not forget to promote your skyscraper content for better results.

❖ Infographics for link building in 2022

Infographics have been gaining attention since 2009, and if you are not using them for link building, it's time you start. Quality link building in 2022 is synonymous with infographics because readers love them. Also, after you create a professional infographic and share it on your site, you can submit them to directories which can help your infographic get more attention. As a result, the page gets more backlinks and traffic.

❖ Be a link Samaritan

Fixing broken links on your website is incredible. But what if you can fix broken links on others' websites and get more backlinks? Yes, it can happen. You can audit some other websites and if you find any broken links, inform the editor ASAP. Let them know about the broken link and give them an alternative page to backlink to, like yours. Be helpful to them, and they will consider this exchange which also opens up possibilities for a working relationship.

Wrapping up, use these strategies to build quality backlinks now, and remember to focus on quality over quantity. If the backlinks do not come from trustworthy or high DA websites, it will not help your business. 

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