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5 Digital Content Apps for the Workplace

 Digital signs engage your audience through striking visuals and dynamic content. 

Digital Content Apps

However, creating digital signage content can be time-consuming and overwhelming, especially among teams with little experience in content creation.

Fortunately, hundreds of digital signage content apps simplify the content creation process. Explore some digital signage apps you need to start using below:

1. Slack

The average office employee gets 121 emails daily, meaning that some important communication gets lost in a sea of endless threads. As such, many companies have adopted messaging apps like Teams and Slack to communicate with employees quickly. In addition to communication, these apps encourage collaboration and interactive teamwork between in-office and remote employees.

If you use Slack for workplace communication, integrate it with your digital signage solution for increased productivity. When used for internal communication, digital signage displays keep your teams well-informed and engaged. Specifically, display slack messages on touch screens placed at the entrance or breakroom to reach all workers in the workplace.

Slack on your digital signage platform showcases various media types, such as links, animations, videos, and images. Further, choose the font types and colors for your slack channel and enjoy custom content.

2. RSS Feeds

An RSS feed app lets you integrate news from different websites into your digital signage playlists. For instance, a clinic can show healthcare news while a real estate firm displays the latest housing trends. You can display live streams from any category, including marketing, business, tech news, and entertainment.

The best thing about an RSS feed app is that the content updates automatically. Further, you can customize the look and feel of the display to match your company’s color themes. In addition to linking news channels, an RSS feed app allows you to display posts from your website.

3. Google Slides

Google Slides is a simple and free slideshow app you can use to design eye-catching digital signage presentations. The app is comparable to Microsoft PowerPoint with some different features and benefits. For instance, Google Slides lets users store workflow in the cloud and collaborate with other team members. Although Google Slides is primarily an online tool, unlike Microsoft PowerPoint, you can turn on an offline mode.

The app features many professional templates for stunning digital signage displays. You can customize the templates with images from the internet or Google Drive. Then, set duration and scheduling parameters on your content management system (CMS) and watch the Google Slides come alive on digital screens.

Google Slides has many use cases, including designing a cafeteria menu to show everyone what is available. The app can help you design digital menu boards for a restaurant and schedule real-time updates depending on the time of day. In a similar fashion, companies can display real-time sales metrics and KPIs to keep everyone informed. Further, schools can add simple tutorials to classroom digital signs to add fun to learning.

4. Vimeo

With more than 175 million active members, Vimeo is a must-have app for digital signage content creators. This social media site lets users post, view, and share high-definition videos on all kinds of subjects, including comedy, travel, and music. The best feature of Video is its ad-free playback, which means that visitors can enjoy high-quality videos as they dine in your restaurant or wait in the reception area.

Vimeo videos can easily integrate with your content to create a rich database of unique digital signage content. Luckily, the app has a watch menu to discover new videos and creators.

Every day, Vimeo showcases a batch of Staff Picks from the best global creators. Another helpful feature is the app’s categories that help digital signage content creators find specific content. What’s more, you can quickly Chromecast Vimeo content to leverage the stunning HD on larger screens.

Vimeo’s basic membership is free. If you want more storage and upload space, pricing starts at $7 a month.

5. Google Sheets

Spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, and Google Sheets are excellent tools for visualizing company data. In addition to tracking your business accounts, spreadsheets make excellent sources of dynamic digital signage content.

Once you integrate the Google Sheets app with your digital signage software, you can broadcast financial reports, KPIs, and forecasts across the organization. Further, any changes you make to the reports instantly update your media players and digital screens.

Google Sheets widgets are excellent for menu boards as they track item availability and prices. So, you don’t have to disappoint customers when they order out-of-stock products.

Another use for the app is stock market dashboards to keep visitors and employees informed on relevant markets and your firm’s stock values. Additionally, the app can acknowledge individual or team sales goals to motivate workers. Ultimately, the Google sheets app keeps your content from getting stale.

In Conclusion

You will find it easy to customize your digital signage content with the apps above or with the hundreds of other tools available to digital signage content curators. The trick is finding the content that your audience engages with the most, depending on your industry. When used effectively, digital screens can increase sales, entertain guests, and enhance internal communication.  

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