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Don’t Know How to Make a Great Intro Video? Tips to Create in a Few Clicks

 If you are an aspiring video content creator, the best time to start is now. With the increasing trend of video content on social media sites and the internet, you can actually start earning by creating different videos that fit your personality. Whether it is an informational video on YouTube, fun and interesting videos on TikTok, or brand promotion videos on Facebook, the opportunity on the internet is truly vast and limitless. 

Great Intro Video

One of the key considerations in creating videos for different social media platforms and websites is the video’s introduction. Like a first impression, the intro can decide whether your viewers will watch or skip your video. There are a lot of free intro maker tools available on the internet to assist you in creating your first-ever introductory video. 

Today, we will focus on creating intro videos for YouTube. YouTube is the best platform for viewing videos and the second most-visited site after Google. Compared to TikTok and Instagram, videos on YouTube are likely to be longer, which makes the intro a vital part of attracting viewers.

If you want to be an expert in making a great and effective intro video, you have come to the right place. Listed below are some tips and tricks you can follow. 

Keep the Intro Short But Meaningful

Whatever content you want to show, the intro needs to be short but meaningful enough to raise the viewer’s curiosity or attention. An intro video usually lasts no more than 10 seconds, especially these days when viewers typically have a shorter attention span in watching videos online. 

Here are some ways you can keep your intro video short but meaningful: 

• Introduce yourself and provide an overall detail of your content briefly. 

• Start the video with interesting short clips included in the content of your video.

• Provide visual cues, such as displaying your name on the screen while introducing or putting the name and picture of the product you wish to highlight.

• Start with a brief personal introduction and immediately follow with an appealing clip with background music.  

• If the content is about the viewers, address them and keep their curiosity or attention engaged.

• For informative or how-to YouTube videos, it might be best to give short details about your expertise and credentials.    

Utilize Text, Colors, and Icons Properly

For your viewers, there is nothing more unappealing than an unorganized intro video with hard-to-read fonts and uncoordinated colors. Make sure to use the right visual images, text font and size, icons, and background colors when creating an intro video. 

Make sure to prevent overdesigning or over-animating your intro video. Sometimes, it is better to keep it simple. 

Insert Catchy Captions and Music

Catchy captions and music can make your intro video interesting. Usually, video creators use upbeat or cheerful music to make their viewers excited. Some use catchy beats and lyrics so the viewers can sing along. 

Together with a captivating caption on the intro, these two elements are effective ways to gain the attention of your viewers. Just make sure to follow copyright regulations on YouTube. 

Use Intro Maker Online

For some, the easiest way to make an intro video is through an intro maker online. With a few clicks, you can create a video suitable for your YouTube. Several free YouTube intro maker tools are available online. While each has specific features to offer, the steps in creating an intro video are basically the same for most of them. 

A free intro maker for YouTube usually follows these steps:

Step #1: Select Video Clips From Their Library

A free intro maker for YouTube has a library of videos you can use for your intro video. You can search for specific keywords to narrow down your choices. Also, you can upload your own video and combine it with another video/s. 

Step #2: Edit the Intro Video

After choosing the right videos or clips for your intro video, you can now freely edit. You can add text, background colors, animated text effects, video filters, and music to catch the attention of your viewers.  

Built-in designs, fonts, text sizes, layouts, graphics, animations and other features are available in a free intro maker for YouTube

Step #3: Download the Intro Video

Once you finish editing the intro video, all you have to do is download the file and integrate it with the rest of your YouTube video. Make sure to strategize the placement of your YouTube intro video effectively to catch the audience’s attention. 

As cliche as it may seem but first impressions do last. So for a YouTube video, an intro video is a deciding factor in gaining viewership and engagement. You can maximize the available free intro maker for YouTube and always aim to make an intro video that can catch the attention and curiosity of your potential audience. 

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