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How to Make a Video Intro for YouTube [2022 Tutorial]

 YouTube is a world-widely used platform on which after every minute more than 500 hours of videos are uploaded. Every day almost 2 billion people watch youtube videos. There is a significant size of the community where earning is totally dependent on YouTube channels. 

Video Intro for YouTube

If you are planning to launch your YouTube channel then a YouTube video intro is a great weapon for you. A YouTube video intro is the type of video that is played at the beginning of any YouTube video. 

You can design a video intro by using different ideas like using animations, which you can find more information from. This article provides you a complete guideline on how to make a video intro for youtube. 

What Is A Youtube Video Intro?

A YouTube video intro is an introductory clip that is designed to indicate the type of YouTube channel or its title name or the brand. It mostly contains different types of pictures, animations, logos, or specific music that will become the recognition of the channel. 

It is an efficient tool specifically for hooking viewers and engaging them on your channel or making them subscribers. You can make your video according to your preferences. Such as you can make animated video intros that are trendy as they are more eye-catching. 

Doratoon - Make An Animated Youtube Video Intro 

Doratoon is an efficient animation maker that will help you to create an interesting YouTube video intro without putting in much effort and time. It offers a wide range of YouTube video intro templates and you can choose one of them depending on your type of channel. 

Besides creating a video intro, Doratoon will offer you customising and editing tools through which you can create a seamless and professional piece. It also offers you to add pictures, music, text, and voice-over or bring other changes. 

Whatever type of video intro you want to make, the Doratoon stock library of elements, music, and templates will surely cover it up. 

animated video maker

How To Make A Video Intro For Youtube On Doratoon?

Creating a video intro for YouTube on Doratoon is like a piece of cake. Even a non-tech person without previous experience can effortlessly make a good video intro. 

For your more guidance, a step-by-step guideline is provided below.

Step 1. Navigate to the official website of Doratoon and click on the “sign up” button present at the top right corner to create a free account. You just have to enter your email address and a password here.

Step 2. After successfully signing up the website will ask you which type of videos you want to make and then you have to choose YouTube or social media videos. After that click on the “workbench” option from the top menu. 

Step 3. On the workbench tab, you will find the "create" button in the top left corner. Click on it and it will directly take you to the editing interface. 

Step 4. Now you can make your videos by using the left pain and top menu options. After that click on the “export” button present in the top right corner to save the video. 

Company Profile

Why choose Doratoon? 

Although there are a lot of animated video makers available on the internet, Doratoon has its distinctive position among all because of its advanced and high number of features. Following are some of the reasons why Doratoon is preferable over other options. 

● Easy to use 

Doratoon is a very user-friendly tool and it offers a straightforward process to make a good intro video for YouTube. It does not require downloading any software or special skills to work on it. 

● Enriched with templates

On Doratoon's official website you will find a lot of templates regarding different types of YouTube video intros. By using a template you can create a video intro with no or very less time and effort. All you need to do is to select a suitable template and then edit it to make it personalised. 

● Addition of music, pictures, or videos 

Doratoon's feature of adding or uploading different media files will help you to create a personalised video intro. It allows you to add different types of visuals into your video intro to make it more eye-catching. you can add specific types of music or even your own recording by using its add sound feature. 

●Whiteboard videos 

Whiteboard videos are very trendy and used for specific types of videos. By using Doratoon you can make an efficient whiteboard video intro to explain things more clearly. 

● Budget-friendly

Doratoon offers to create a video intro for your YouTube channel without emptying your wallet. Its basic plan is totally free which offers a lot of options but its pro plan is also very budget-friendly and then you can enjoy unlimited video making and editing

●Artificial intelligence dubbing and drawing

It offers you AI dubbing and drawing features so you can show your creativity or make the video intro more personalised. It also offers pre-prepared drawings. 


Tips And Tricks To Make A Professional Intro Video For Youtube

By creating a high-quality impactful intro video you can make a strong first impression. Following are some of the tricks and tips that will help you in this regard:

●Use animations

Animations not only make your video intro interesting but can also help you in making your brand recognition. The specific type of cartoon characters or the way they spoke or act will make recognition of your YouTube channel. 

● Keep it minimalistic

Try to make your YouTube video intro simple and short. Your video intro will not exceed 10 seconds and it will convey the direct message so the audience will not be bored. 

● Incorporate appealing visuals

By adding eye-catching visuals in your video intro you will keep the audience engaged and build their interest to see more. Doratoon offers you a lot of bold and colourful visuals that you can include in your video intro for YouTube.

Wise Words

If you are planning to create a YouTube channel then you must have to make a good video intro. You should personalise and design the video intro carefully and wisely as it is an essential tool in gaining high productivity. In this regard, Doratoon is a very helpful hand, especially for beginners. 

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