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YPost: How to Add Author Syntax to YPost?

 We here will make you aware about YPost as you all might be aware of the term New York Post that is the leading daily newspaper in New York City, United States but you might have no idea of YPost. YPost is the experiment of New York Post. YPost is the daily tabloid newspaper published in New York City and is the source for breaking news, photos, and videos about New York, sports, business, opinion, real estate, entertainment, culture, fashion, and more.


YPost Category on New York Post

Since 2005, New York Post has been trying creating different content for the audience and one of its experiments is names to be YPost. YP or YPost stands for “young folks” that only allow the registered users of New York Post to create content for the young generation.  You will get the content over YPost is is specially designed as per the interest of young readers. If talking about current stats then this category has round about seven thousand articles and it proves to be a great success to the users who have been creating these articles. Post in YPost category is very high as compared to that of other general categories in New York Post.

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How author syntax is used by authors in YPost

You might be wondering how author syntax is being used by the authors to create the content on YPost then don’t to worry as we here at Techy Gossips will let you know every now and then of YPost author syntax. Authors in YPost actually use Yotpo author facility that is quiet simple and easy to create the content. Authors are allowed to define the file name along with the number of words that they will include in the article and the categories in which they are planning to create the article while making use of YPost author facility. After author has done with all the above things then at last they can submit the article and sit back to watch how does it performs on YPost. These statistics will let you know how your post is actually performing among the users means how many users are showing interest in the most and how many of them opened the post.

Where the posted article will be placed in YP

Posted articles in YP are placed in the category of news servers and from there only it can be viewed by large number of people. Once the person has been the article then he/she can easily access the content that is generally stored in Google and Yahoo map page. All the categories are public and anyone can view all the articles as per their choice. All the posts also contain external link and by clicking on that users can get more about the subject matter of the particular post. If you ever came across sfv file from a news server then you will surely know that they have specific attributes to allow people to find information.

If you have ever published a S Fiji story using a news service then you might be aware that the subject line is actually posting a description about the content. Ypost case is exactly similar to that. In Ypost description is one the thing that you are adding while publishing the content as it seems to be the additional attribute that is being attached to the post. For your post you can use both things i.e description and as well as links. By doing this you can assure that Yotpo authoring system has specified the file info.

Adding Meta attribute to YPost

Additonal attribute that you can add in YPost is META attribute. If this meta attribute will be there then META description will be encoded in the same way as that in case of YOTP message but this time META part will get removed. If user wants to follow the link to the meta data then they have to search this thing out by going out of the way. If META attribute is followed by the users then there are high chances they will click on the link and thus post the data to the S Fiji server.

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Customize Ypost author syntax

You can use the above above mentioned attributes in your ypost multipart application. Except these, there are many other methods that you can opt like  yahoo! Codes, META attribute, META description and the plain text post. In your Ypost you can even add your own code and customize your ypost author syntax as per your requirement

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