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Common Problems When Running Google Ads And How To Fix

Google Adwords advertising is increasingly popularly used by businesses. But for an effective Google Ads campaign, you need to know how to optimize your campaign. But when implementing Google Adwords advertising campaigns often encounter basic errors. Refer to the article below to write down common errors when running Google Ads and how to fix them.

Common problems when running google ads

1. Not Optimizing Landing Pages Reduces Conversion Rate

Not optimizing landing pages is one of the common mistakes when running Google Ads. Although your ad campaign attracts a lot of traffic to the website, the percentage of shoppers is almost absent, the advertising campaign will also fail. The main reason is that your landing page is not attractive enough, not convincing enough not to create trust for customers. So what you need to do is optimize your landing page.

How to optimize landing pages? 

How to fix:

● First of all, it must attract people through the clear and eye-catching website layout and structure.

●What is your message? You must clearly show the customer the message you bring to them.

● Use unique designs.

2. Unbalanced Advertising Budget

For new advertising campaigns, it is almost impossible to balance the budget. Make the cost to pay for advertising high but the benefits are low. For automated ad campaigns, if your competitors increase their bids, you will automatically increase them, so it's both ineffective and losing money.

How to fix it:

● You should control your budget through clicks to effectively manage your budget.

● You can use Google Ads “Set up a shared budget” for easier and more efficient management.

3. Lower Bid Than Competitors

Your low bid has made you lag in the last positions in the list of ads. And you also know that the percentage of users entering your website in the following positions is certainly never equal to TOP 1, 2, 3 already. 

If your bid is low, your ad won't be able to get to the top of Google search. From there, the amount of traffic to your website will be less and the quality of advertising will decrease. The solution here is that you should bid appropriately to make the quality of the ad campaign more effective.

4. Incorrect Keyword Group

Keyword groups must be words with similar meanings and must contain at least one similar word. Grouping the right keywords makes your ad campaign effective and you can also optimize your landing page.

 The most optimal solution:

You can use Google Adwords tools like Keyword Tool, Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs to research, select, and group advertising keywords.

5. Wrong Target Audience Selection 

Your product is suitable for certain audiences, but not for everyone. Therefore, the customer target of the advertising campaign, if it covers all, is not effective. You should only place ads for discounts and coupons for customers who have shopping needs.

You need to rely on demographic information such as gender, age, marital status, education level ... Or psychological information such as preferences, habits, attitudes... of the customer. the product or service you are aiming for. 

The solution given here is to use Google Adwords. With Google Adwords, you can localize your target audience to include in your advertising customer group.

6. Using Lots of Punctuation And Symbols In Advertising

Your ad will not be approved if your ad contains too many punctuation and symbols. For example multiple exclamation points “!!!!!!”. In particular, you cannot insert special characters into the ad title. You also may not use wildcard types such as 5* hotels.

The solution to fix this error is that you should remove the above punctuation and characters.

7. Error About Ad URL

Some errors about disapproved ad URLs:

Wrong URL: The URL must start with “http” or “https”, with no special characters. So you need to follow the domain naming rules.

Use different URLs for the same ad group

The URL in the ad and the landing page is different: For example, you want to promote, but the landing page leads to You should lead to the right landing page.

8. No Ads Found On Google After Creating Ads

Here are some reasons why your ad might not be found after you've created it:

Ad scheduling: Maybe you set your ad time not when you're on the search. you should review the duration of the ad campaign and the time you search.

Your budget is low: Google only shows your ad when it has a budget, if it runs out of budget it will automatically cut the ad. You need to review your advertising budget.

Low Ad Quality Score: If your ad quality score is low, you'll be at the bottom of the search results or not. So you need to increase your ad quality score by increasing your bid, budget, or keyword quality…


Above are some common errors when running Google Ads and some ways to fix them. Besides, you can also learn about advertising services with coupons to save maximum costs on e-commerce sites such as CouponUpto, CouponXoo,...

Hopefully, this article will help you avoid these basic mistakes and create an effective advertising campaign for yourself!

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