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5 Best Custom Software Solution Company for Your Service Needs

 Custom software development is designing a software application for a definite user or a set of users within an organization. It involves ordering, developing and the release of software commodities which is custom-made to a single detailed unit. 

Software Solution Company

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the organizations that develop custom software and from the data listed, you will be able to select the right custom software developer company that suits you and your firm. 

Some of the best software companies include;

1. Devfortress 

Devfortress is a company that offers all-inclusive software engineering and consulting services with an agile, professional and organized strategy that will empower your digital presence. This particular organization thrives on building lasting digital experiments and is ready to go the extra mile to provide your organization with the best solutions. This particular organization specializes in React.js and Nod.js development, and the services they offer include custom web development, e-commerce, mobile apps development and Saas. 

2. Sciencesoft 

The main aim of sciencesoft's professional software development is to help healthcare, banking, finance, retail, telecommunication, transportation and logistics firms. The clients that use this software are IBM, eBay, Deloitte, laboratory and Nestle. 

3. Intellectsoft

Intellectsoft uses a five-step software development roadmap that starts with issuing its clients access to its top-tier team of engineers. Customers also have a chance to select various collaboration options that have been designed to scale projects quickly. The organisation also boasts that its development and delivery procedures and pricing models save customers up to 50% in research and development costs. 

4. Oxagile

Oxagile specializes in online video management, including over-the-top streaming media technology, video confronting systems and multi-screen apps for top customers like google, MIT, telecom and discovery communication.  Oxagile also employs a tested agile procedure tailored to its customers' needs and transparency standards. The organization uses active communication, and I'm reporting to optimize performance and maintain the flexibility to make changes along the way. 

Oxagile also offers various engagement models to suit the needs of its customers. The first engagement is project-based with fixed bids, clear project scope and detailed release roadmaps to keep the projects on budget. The second engagement is the time and material model, which works best with loosely defined requirements and offers budget flexibility so that customers can pay for the resources they have only used. 

5. Dockyard

The main focus of Dockyard is usually on engineering organizations where it offers engineering companies every aspect of digital product development, including; commodity techniques, product design and full-stack engineering. Moreover, the company strongly focuses on superior user experience, bolstered by smart usability and scrupulous coding. 

Dockyard also offers staff augmentation, enabling it to provide short or long term staffing support for its customers, who only have to pay for what they require.  


In every organization, there needs to be the right custom software solution, and this is why this article has listed for you some of the best companies you could go to for help when you think of developing your software. 

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