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AOIME- Everything You Need To Know About AOIME

You all might have heard about maths and science Olympiads. AOIME that is known to be American Online Invitational Mathematical Exam is the mathematical test that happens once in a year in USA. Most meritorious students of the country get the opportunity to sit in AOIME.

If you are worried about how to prepare for AOIME then you are at the right platform as we here will you more clarity about the exam.


What Is AOIME?

 American Online Invitational Mathematical Exam is the full form of AOIME. It is the annual completion that is held for students of United States of America. Exam is organized in every year in the month of June. AOIME has been conducted to find the young talented mathematical students in United States. Two organizations have collaborated together named as Art Of Problem Solving (AOPS) and American Mathematics Competitions and give rise to the mathematical exam names as AOIME for the talented students.

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What Is the Format of AOIME?

AOIME is a 3 hour exam with a clear cut format where candidates have to solve 15 questions that seem to be highly critical. Each of the answers given by the candidate is one integer between 0 to 999 and like other examination it carries 1 mark. If you are unable to give the answer or provided the wrong answer then 0 marks will be awarded to the candidates.

In AOIME exam candidates are allowed to take erasers, black scratch papers, blank graph paper, compasses, and rulers with them. You are not allowed to make use of electronic gadgets like calculators.

You have to complete the paper within 3 hours of allotments time once the time ended or you finishes your exam AOPS would store all your answers. Only after analyzing it you will be allowed to move to the next level of AOIME exam.

How To Write The Answers?

If you want get succeeded in AOIME exam then you should be aware of the exact way to write the answer. Make sure that even if you have provided the right answer but the way of writing the answer is not correct then candidate would not get any marks for that. Each answer that you are proving in AOIME exam should be an integer range from 0 to 999. You are only allowed to write a single number only in each of the answer that is having up to 3 digits. 

Take an example like if the answer of some equation is 4 then the correct way to write the answer can be 4, 04, 004.

Rules Followed by The Candidates While Appearing for AOIME

I think from the above given information you might have got the idea that AOIME is one of the prestigious tests in the world. The candidates who qualify this exam would be counted as the most talented students. The rules and regulations that need to be followed before appearing for the AOIME is relatively strict.

Some of the guidelines need to be followed by candidate before appearing in AOIME

• AOIME exam is of 3 hours

• One mark will be allotted for each correct answer and zero marks for the wrong answer being given by the candidate. There is no negative marking.

• Total 15 questions are there in the exam revolving around mathematical and analytical skills.

• You are not allowed to enter in the examination hall if you are carrying any electronic gadgets including smart watches, digital watches, calculators etc.

• Exam should be given in proper computerized environment.

• Candidates are allowed to take pen, pencils, rulers, erasers, and papers for rough works while appearing for AOIME. 

• You are strictly not allowed to discuss anything with anybody present in the examination hall.

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In Which Month AOIME Exam Happens?

AOIME exam takes place in every year and around thousands of students appear in the examination. In 2020 AOIME Exam was held on 6th of June and that to be on Saturday. Date of the exam to be held in this year is not yet out.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to AOIME Exam

How many students qualify the AOIME exam every year?

Large numbers of candidates appear for the examination but standard of the questions being asked in exam is too high so only the talented students would able to crack the AOIME exam.

How many questions are there in AOIME exam?

There are 15 questions in AOIME exam that to be solved within the time duration of 3 hours. Answer of the questions should be provided in the correct way and the value should be an integer starting from 0 to 999.

Is Qualifying AOIME exam would provide any benefits to the candidates?

AOIME qualification is appreciable all over the world not only in US. The candidate who qualifies this exam can easily get admission in top rated universities.

How many candidates appeared for AOIME exam every year?

If taking about year then round about approximately 365000 candidates have been appeared for the examination.

 Final Verdict

That’s all about AOIME exam.  Hope we have covered all your doubts related to this exam. If you are planning to appear for the AOIME exam this year then team of Techy Gossips is wishing you good luck! Prepare well and work hard hope we are sure that you will come out with flying colors.

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