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Measurable Criteria For Employee Recognition Program

 Employee recognition is one of the essential and cost-effective ways to improve employee motivation, engagement, and performance. If you don't have a formal employee recognition program in place, it's time to start asking yourself why not? The answer may be easy: because you're unsure about how to measure its effectiveness. There are different types of rewards programs that organizations can implement. 

Glass Award

However, there is no definitive "best" model for all companies. It depends on what your company thinks would work best to benefit employees and the company as a whole. In this article, we will discuss measurable criteria for an employee recognition program.

1. Identifying the specific type of recognition model that would fit your organization is the first step.

It's important to establish what kind of rewards system will be best for both employees and the company as a whole. Different programs include contests, peer-to-peer awards, points systems, lottery tickets, plaques, or certificates.

2. The next step is to identify which metrics should be measured within each program element.

You have to be very careful while identifying the metrics that should be measured. You have to track the progress of your employees. For this, you can use an HR platform that comes with built-in reporting functionality. 

On the dashboard, you will see key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time. As management, you will be able to see these dashboards and combine these with other organizational reports for better decision-making.

3. A public recognition component is also necessary for employee engagement within an effective rewards system.

Send out congratulatory company-wide emails when there's something worth celebrating; hold ceremonies during staff meetings or informally around the office. Also, host award functions annually for employee recognition and give out different awards. Giving a glass award or a plaque to a top-performing employee from each team is a great idea.

You can also encourage employees to post pictures on social media hashtags. Consider sharing stories about exemplary employees on your Intranet homepage asking employees to share their own.

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4. Another step is to measure the results.

The results of the employee recognition program will show you how your actions have positively or negatively impacted the company. For example, if the results infer that the employees have become less engaged over time, it means that there is something wrong with your recognition program. It may be too complicated to understand, or employees feel like there is no value in being recognized for doing good work. 

Understanding why engagement levels are dropping can help you hone in on areas of improvement. It will help you get a more comprehensive picture before you decide whether your program is effective or not.

5. The other step is to make changes if necessary.

If the program doesn't have the desired impact, it might be time for managers to rethink their approach and design better ways to implement effective employee recognition. Maybe employees don't feel like there's enough incentive to meet goals, or maybe they haven't been recently reminded about your existing recognition program. 

You have to decide the elements that have positive impacts on engagement and performance and the ones that don’t. The end goal of this is to make sure that employees can become more engaged with their work which leads to higher productivity levels.

6 . Finally, managers should collect feedback.

Ask employees to take a survey about their experience with the recognition program. Make sure that you allow for open-ended so that they can clearly explain what works and what doesn't. This will help you create better initiatives in the future. Now, not all of your employees will understand the program or be willing to participate. In that case, it is your responsibility as the management to make them understand the importance of it. 

By measuring your employee recognition system, you will be able to understand how the company’s policies and work culture are affecting the engagement levels. It will help you know how often your employees are meeting their goals. Also, it will help you know if employee appreciation and public recognition are motivating them or not. By getting an understanding of the gaps in your employee recognition program, you will be better informed to make the right decision. There will be two outcomes to this. 

The first one is where your employee recognition program is effective. The second one is the case of an ineffective program that must be improved to create a better workplace for your employees and ensure your organization’s growth. 

Author name- Flavia Calina

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