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Everything you should know about Xiaomi in Singapore

 Xiaomi is a great phone which is budget-friendly and gives you so many features and some of them are mentioned below. It is very easy to find Xiaomi in SG as this phone is available on almost every mobile shop, it is easy to use and also you can easily find the-service centre of this mobile phone if there is an issue but just like any phone it has its pros and cons so let’s have a look at them in brief.


Xiaomi in Singapore

Pros and cons of Xiaomi

Every product has its advantages and disadvantages and to understand the details about any product it is very important to understand its pros and cons so, here are the pros and cons of xiaomi phone.


● These phones attract customers with their price because these phones are very cheap with amazing hardware. If you want to buy a phone that fits your budget then this can be a very good option for you and also there is no other company that gives you hardware like this at this price.

● Xiaomi provides a great phone display and no other company provides such a great phone display at this price point. The display is clear and also these phones are comfortable to keep in your pocket.

● The battery life of this phone is Great and also it takes very little time to get fully charged, this phone is really handy as well.

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● The RAM utilization of this product is poor, many Xiaomi phones have Less than 4GB ram because the MIUI takes up a lot of space which is the reason why these phones offer performance issues.

● The camera of this phone does not perform well at night, if we compare the phone with iPhone then the camera quality is not that good.

● The biggest con of Xiaomi is that it lacks customer service. If there is an issue with a mobile phone and you take it to the service centre then you might not get a very good response.

Xiaomi in Singapore


These were the pros and cons of Xiaomi. Now let’s have a look at its features to understand it better.

Features of Xiaomi

● This phone is one of the most advanced phones that you will find today with a powerful processor and great optical image stabilization.

● This phone comes with 2 Nano sim slots which can help you to manage calls and messages on two separate slots easily.

● These phones come with a full feature camera and a smart PA playback also it has so many built in tools.

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Xiaomi phones are budget-friendly, handy and have good hardware with a great battery But it has some cons which are mentioned above. These phones are easily available on both online and offline platforms in Singapore. You must check the price online on its official site before you purchase any Xiaomi phone as the price of these phones keeps changing whenever a new model is launched by the company.

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